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They Hate Democracy

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/31/2014
http://www.gregpalast.com/wp-content/uploads/peach.jpg  The Senate and Governor races in Georgia were just getting interesting when we learned that the ReePubs' voter suppression efforts there are kicking more & more poor folks & people of color off the voting roles:
Voting-rights advocates are running out of time in Georgia, where civil-rights groups say more than 50,000 new voter registrations have gone missing since they submitted them to state and local officials earlier this year. But with Election Day less than a week away, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, Brian Kemp, is insisting that every voter-registration application submitted by Georgians before the registration deadline has been processed. The missing potential voters? He says there aren’t any.
Remember what Chris Christie told a ReePub Chamber of Commerce donation gang-bang:
“Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist?” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asked this week at a Chamber of Commerce event in Washington. “Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the voting mechanism, or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would you rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed FitzGerald?”
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The Governor Is a Punk

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/30/2014

The fellow slouching in his chair on the frame-right of this video, acting like a petulant little punk in front of a panel of Ohio newspaper reporters, is John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio.  They are asking him about a budget bill that had a clause inserted into it - at the last second so it was never debated - that had absolutely nothing to do with the state budget.  The clause was a restriction, aimed solely at poor women, which prevented rape counselors - by law - from discussing ALL of the options they have after being raped, particularly the option of making sure they don't have to carry the rapist's seed to full-term.  John Kasich is a self-righteous little asshole who doesn't care how you feel about being raped and its result because he believes his imaginary, invisible, super sky-grandpa doesn't like women controlling their own bodies.  And John Kasich doesn't care what the rape-victim thinks.  His - religion - his god, trumps her freedom from his religion and his god.  And since he's also signed laws restricting the ability and the right of poor women to vote, he's going to continue governing and imposing his, personal religious ideology on poor women in Ohio.

Fascism is so easy-peasy when you can stop the poor folks from voting.

Because Santa Claus & Theology Are Not So Important

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/29/2014

Scientific American used to be an important, serious magazine but the Free Markets!™ elves have invaded its editorial staff - because?  PROFITZ!  So we are treated to silly articles, almost always about the "collision" of science and Theology, like this review of astronomer David Weintraub's new book: Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will We Deal with It?
The discovery of life beyond Earth would be a triumph for science but might wreak havoc on certain religions. Some faiths, such as evangelical Christianity, have long held that we are God’s favorite children and would not easily accommodate the notion that we would have to share the attention; others, such as Roman Catholicism, struggle with thorny questions such as whether aliens have original sin.
At this point, any sentient adult who doesn't believe in Santa Claus and unicorns is asking the question: Who-the-fuck CARES?  But the Free Markets!™ consultants who our rulers brought in to 'save' Scientific American know that these bullshit science vs. Godsey & J-Boy articles are the sizzle the mag needs for PROFITZ!  The other beings, or 'aliens', who exist in our Universe are, first of all, WAY too far away from Earth to ever make contact with us.  This will never happen.  And when someone starts talking to you about "space warps" and Einstein and quantum theory?  Just walk out of the building.  This is science fiction that belongs in comic books, not Scientific American.

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Chistie Gets Real

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/28/2014

Chris Christie was just cruisin' along, trolling for donations from rich people at a ReePub grifters' feed-pen, a
Chamber of Commerce event in D.C.:
Every now and again a Republican state party operative or elected official will drop the ruse and admit that the purpose of state-level voter restrictions isn’t to curtail voter impersonation fraud or to cut election costs, but to keep the wrong kinds of people from voting.

“Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist?” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asked this week at a Chamber of Commerce event in Washington. “Would you rather have Scott Walker in Wisconsin overseeing the voting mechanism, or would you rather have Mary Burke? Who would you rather have in Ohio, John Kasich or Ed FitzGerald?” ...

In Christie’s mind, American election outcomes are a direct function of partisan control of states. Republicans, who “oversee the voting mechanisms,” need to win so that they can continue to “oversee the voting mechanisms" ...

Christie et al understand that voting restrictions suppress the Democratic vote, and see that as a feature rather than a bug.
Your basic rich ReePub daddy hates Democracy, i.e. everyone voting.  Here's Paul Weyrich, the mentor of all rich ReePubs and Heritage Foundation founder on the subject of voting:

No, It's Not Okay

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/27/2014

This is Jian Ghomeshi, a C-list Canadian celebrity with a popular radio show up there.  He has just enough celebrity to believe that "no" does not mean 'no' - to him - when he's trying to cop-a-feel on a first date.  That's why Carla Ciccone decided to write an article about a first/last date she had with Ghomeshi while keeping his identity anonymous.  Her story was an instruction manual, for both men & women, of what not to do on a first date.
Last year Ciccone wrote an article for the website XOJane about a “bad date” with an unidentified, very popular Canadian radio host whom readers speculated to be Ghomeshi.

In the days that followed, Ciccone received hundreds of abusive messages and threats. An online video calling her a “scumbag of the Internet” has been viewed over 397,000 times. Ciccone’s claims about the behaviour during her “bad date” were far less severe than the allegations of abuse from the women now accusing Ghomeshi, who fear the online backlash could be significantly worse for them if their names were made public.
The allegations of abuse stem from Gomeshi's admitted desire for BDSM during sexytime with women who claim it became too violent for them and that he did not always stop.

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Just a Typical 14-yr-old, Except ...

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/26/2014

This is Jazz Jennings, a typical 14-year-old girl from Florida except for the stubborn little fact that when she was an XY fetus in her mother's womb, her gonads descended, per instruction from the Y-chromosome, becoming testicles, instead of ascending and becoming ovaries, as if she'd been an XX fetus.  So Jazz was chromosomally supposed to be a boy but something happened during her fetal development, in the womb, that prevented the androgen dyhro-testosterone from masculinizing her brain, like it was supposed to do.  According to theories about fetal brain development, Jazz-the-fetus was exposed to an anti-androgen, i.e. an androgen without proteins.  Pesticide DDT and the gasoline additive MTBE are ubiquitous anti-androgens in modern society and can, and do, contaminate pregnant wombs.  That's why you used to see large warning signs on gasoline pumps and pesticide cans that pregnant women should NOT handle these things.  But the oil companies and Monsanto took care of that, paying politicians to de-regulate & kill ALL warning labels!  So when Jazz, during fetal development, was supplied an androgen, per the Y-chromosome's instruction, to masculinize the brain like it was supposed to do, it didn't.  Because it was an anti-androgen.  Most likely from DDT or MTBE.  Since the default sex for fetal brains is feminine, Jazz's brain remained feminine.  A crucial part of the brain that determines sex-drive, the BSTc, is twice-as-large in male-brains than female ones.   A breakthrough study by Dr. D. F. Swaab in the 1990s showed that the BSTc in male-to-female transsexuals was NOT male-sized - that is was the smaller size of a female BSTc in a male body.  Evidence supporting the non-masculinized brain theory for sexual dysphoria.

But, of course, the oil & chemical corporations don't want anyone to know this because PROFITZ!

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Goo-Goo Guv'mint

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/25/2014

Your mailbox has started filling daily with junk mail festooned with Wall Street's American battle-flag, eagles, and handsome police & fire men "heroes" so it's the silly season again until Nov. 4th.  ReePubs have done their best to suppress the vote, as their Heritage Foundation mentor, Paul Weyrich commanded of them in this famous "Goo-Goo Guv'mint" speech.  ReePub precinct chairman Don Yelton put it perfectly in a Tee-vee interview describing recently-passed voter suppression legislation: “The law is going to kick the Democrats in the butt… If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.”

But some brown people are going to still try to vote in this next election and that really pisses off the old, white demographic that watches the FoxNews, so the ReePub billionaires have trotted out their their precocious "youngster", Jimmie O'Keefe, to rile up the nursing home Tee-vee rooms:
Ever since we heard the news that James O’Keefe had launched a voter fraud scavenger hunt in Colorado ... purporting to show Democratic Sen. Mark Udall’s “advocates” standing by while an army of fraudulent voters gear up to steal the election, we have to say we’re a little disappointed.

 ... [O]ur dear readers will be shocked to learn that the actual product of O’Keefe’s investigation, despite being edited to O’Keefe’s maximum advantage, lacks any evidence of voter fraud and instead appears to show O’Keefe talking about all the crimes he can’t wait to commit, along with a couple of specific instances of stupidity by people who have no power over the electoral process and who consistently show an alarming lack of motivation to engage in fraud themselves.
This is the same bullshit O'Keefe pulled with his fake Acorn Scandal video that ran non-stop on the FoxNews.

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Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/24/2014

I got nothin' today.  Yesterday, 4 child-killer Blackwater thugs were convicted and our rulers' media barely mentioned it which signals that the ol', reliable 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is going to overturn their jury trial convictions.  It's revealing that one of the thugs, Dusty Heard, popped open a can of Coke, and probably fortified it with a little of the ol' Cap'n, just before the jury delivered their guilty verdicts. 
Dusty ain't nervous, because, like Darren Wilson, he knows the fix is in. 

Our rulers are stuffing their media with phony scare-stories about Ebola and stupid, inane and just horrible "analysis" of police-friendly leaks from the grand jury whitewash of Michael Brown's murder by rogue-cop, Darren Wilson.  So here's some cute footage of Panda cubs playing with their zookeeper who's trying to give them their medicine.  WHO's a bad little Panda? Bad! Bad! Bad!

Justice Prevails - For A Little While

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/23/2014

An Iraqi family was riding to work & school in this car through a peaceful Nisour Square, in Baghdad on September 16, 2007.  That's when murderous thugs from Blackwater began shooting them for no reason whatsoever, murdering 9-year-old Ali Kinani who was sitting in the back seat.  It took seven long years but Dustin Laurent Heard, Paul Slough, Nick Slatten and Evan S. Liberty were put on-trial last June for murdering little Ali and 16 other innocents and something incredible happened:
WASHINGTON — Four former Blackwater Worldwide security guards were convicted and immediately jailed Wednesday for their roles in a deadly 2007 shooting in Baghdad’s Nisour Square that marked a bloody nadir in America’s war in Iraq.

A jury in Federal District Court found that the deaths of 17 Iraqis in the shooting, which began when a convoy of the guards suddenly began firing in a crowded intersection, was not a battlefield tragedy, but the result of a criminal act ...

One defendant, Nicholas A. Slatten, a sniper who the government said fired the first shots, was convicted of murder. The others — Dustin L. Heard, Evan S. Liberty and Paul A. Slough — were convicted of voluntary manslaughter and using a machine gun to carry out a violent crime ...

The criminal trial raised novel legal issues, and the case is expected to wind through the appellate courts for a year or more. One issue — whether the Justice Department had jurisdiction to bring the case at all — could undo the entire case.

Under federal law, the government has jurisdiction for overseas crimes committed by defense contractors or those supporting the Pentagon’s mission. Blackwater was working for the State Department, a distinction that jurors concluded did not matter but which has not been tested.
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War Porn

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/22/2014

Here's some war porn revealing how the bad guys (ISIS, ISIL, Khorasan - or whatever phony name is testing highest in the NYT focus groups), who used to be good guys, that clueless ol' codger John McCain hung around with, got a BIG load of weapons from the United Snakes via air-drop.  These weapons were targeted for the PKK, which used to be on the terrorist list but the Saudi Israelians changed that and ordered the United Snakes to start arming them.  Like an inept, loser minor-league team, you can't tell the players in these new wars-4-Israel without a scorecard:

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Down with Trump

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/21/2014

Donald Trump inherited a lot of real estate and money and NYC connections from his dad.  He parlayed them into a celebrity-driven persona as a real estate entrepreneur.  But his failing enterprises drove him onto the Tee-vee where he portrays a successful businessman on a reality-show for NBC's Sarah Palin trailer-trash demographic.  His show's ratings have flagged in recent years so he occasionally buys PR-space on the "News" pandering to his fan-base with pronouncements about President Barry's citizenship and Rosie O'Donnell's physique, raising his TV-Q rating just enough to keep his show alive.  Though, unfortunately for The Donald, cash flow problems forced him into the netherworld of self-help "education":
Donald Trump is personally liable for operating a for-profit investment school without the required license, a New York judge ruled in a lawsuit brought by the New York Attorney General against the real estate entrepreneur.

New York state Supreme Court Justice Cynthia S. Kern said he was notified by the state in 2005 that his Trump Entrepreneur Initiative - known as Trump University until 2010 - was in violation of state education law.

"It is undisputed that Mr. Trump never complied with the licensing requirements," Kern wrote in a decision made public on Wednesday ...
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Corporate Amerika Fails Again

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/20/2014

The World Series starts tomorrow at Kauffmann Stadium ("The K") in Kansas City and the 2nd-greatest Royal of them all, Frank White, won't be there.  White was a true local hero.  He was raised a stone's throw from The K and was the first player to attend the Royals, local "Baseball Academy" who made it to the the major leagues, signing with the Royals in 1973 and becoming a fixture at 2nd-base for them for 18-years.  White was a 5-time All-Star, 8-time Gold Glover and batted clean-up in the '85 series, the first time in history a 2nd-baseman ever did that, contributing a crucial home-run in game 3.  His homer turned the tide of the '85 series and secured Kansas City's first, and only, championship.  There is a bronze statue of him and the #1 Royal, George Brett, out in the right-center field stands.  They don't come much Royal-er than Frank White.

After he retired, he worked in various front-office positions, mostly in community-relations since he was truly a local hero in Kansas City.  The Royals eventually hired White as manager of their Double-A minor league team in Wichita in preparation for promoting him to the big club.  This was a period when the team routinely languished at the bottom of the standings and manager-replacement was frequent.  But the front office passed over White, twice, for the manager's position and White got the message.  He left Wichita and went back to community-relations, also working as a color analyst on local team broadcasts.  But when ex Wal-Mart CEO David Glass bought the team and implemented his vulture-capitalist, cost-cutting strategies, White's salary was cut by two-thirds and he decided this loss-leader, loser organization could limp along without him:
Frank White should be in the middle of all this. He should be on the field, slapping the backs of Alex Gordon and Billy Butler, two linchpins of these Royals whom he once managed ...

The saddest estrangement in baseball, between a man who embodied the ascent of a franchise and a franchise that once again has risen, lingers on the fringe of a World Series set to begin Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. Frank White and the Royals, happily married for nearly two decades, tolerant of one another for two more, now exist at an awkward impasse forged by slights perceived and actual, insults spoken and monetary, and the most intractable force of all: pride.
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Are Blacks Treated Like Dogs in Israel?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/19/2014

Back in April, 80-year-old L.A. Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling got in a lot of trouble with the NBA by telling his 30-year-old mistress: "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people ... You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want", but "the little I ask you is ... not to bring them to my games."  This statement caused an uproar but, curiously, another statement that Sterling made did not.  Sterling, attempting to justify his racist comments denied that they were racist because - racism is pervasive in Israel: "You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs."  Based upon Sterling's comment, renowned Israeli journalist David Sheen wrote an excellent article about the blatant racism, aimed generally at Gentiles but most specifically at dark-skinned Gentiles, in the "most enlightened, liberal democracy in the Middle East":
Is anti-black racism pervasive in Israel? Is it true that if you "go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs"? Upon learning of the Donald Sterling controversy, I tweeted a series of statements examining this comparison. I included links to articles and videos, because some of the facts I mention are so shocking that they are hard to believe, if you are hearing about them for the first time.
Sheen follows with a long list of tweets describing blatant racism in Israel, with links where you see & hear famous Israelis, from congressman Michael Ben-Ari  to Minister of Industry Naftali Bennett to Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau wax poetic in the most racist terms imaginable:
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Wikileaks Strikes Again

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/18/2014

Back in June, Wikileaks exposed the new Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) that the U.S. and European Union are negotiating.  TISA would internationally prevent more regulation of financial services by individual countries making it virtually impossible to protect their citizens from predatory financial practices.  TISA lobbyists & banksters are hard at work behind the scenes in Washington, London, Paris & Frankfort paying off politicians so they can drink the blood of their constituents. 

But there's something even worse.  Wikileaks has exposed the latest
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement for the Asia/Pacific Region.  Like TISA, the TPP would supersede all individual countries' laws - meaning citizens' votes for lawmakers would have NO effect on these regulations.  First, the TPP would criminalize corporate whistleblowing:
The draft text provides that TPP countries will introduce criminal penalties for unauthorized access to, misappropriation or disclosure of trade secrets, defined as information that has commercial value because it is secret, by any person using a computer system ...

There are no public interest or free speech exemptions. Criminalization of disclosure would apply to journalists working for commercial media organizations or wherever the leak was considered harmful to the "economic interests" of any TPP country.
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Proof That ReePubs Are Insane

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/17/2014

This is Rick Scott, the governor of Florida.  Rick was elected in 2010 despite being the Founder-CEO of Columbia/HCA, a hospital management company convicted of 14 felonies for Medicare fraud and fined $600Million, the largest Medicare scam case in history.  Rick dodged personal indictment, resigned in disgrace, took his golden parachute cash and went venture-capitalizing.  He failed at that but made enough connections in the Florida vulture-capitalist community to run for governor, garnering just enough votes from the ReePub racist base by promising he'd kick the colored-folks off welfare.  Of course he didn't do that but did cut taxes for the corporations and his rich pals, rejected Federal funds for high-speed rail and dredging Miami's harbor and accepted Medicaid expansion for Obamacare.  So now he's got to run for election again after majorly pissing off the racist base, losing jobs and mismanaging the State's finances thus raising bond prices.  What does he do?

Next time Grady tells you we are ruled by the silliest people who've ever drawn breath, you better believe it.

They Steal Pensions

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/16/2014

The few, mostly government workers who still have pensions are now worried (see: Detroit) because since the 1980s, when Ronnie Reagan and the banksters opened the floodgates for Wall St. shysters to steal pensions and contribute a tiny portion of the SWAG to right-wing political campaigns so they could keep stealing, Amerika's pension system has been hopelessly corrupt and unstable:
You will never retire, in part because America's existing pension system is crazy quilt of various empty bank accounts full of lies and IOUs. Does a better pension system actually exist? Yes, it does.

For the sake of pure civic engagement, I would like to draw your attention to this weekend's New York Times profile of the Dutch pension system. "A profile of the Dutch pension system? Sounds boring as hell, when I could be reading about various 'hot' celebrities of the moment, and their picayune fashion choices for the upcoming awards shows," you're probably thinking to yourself, if you are Caity Weaver. Not true at all. All this bullshit news about celebrity bullshit is nothing but a bullshit smokescreen. I'll tell you what is really exciting: the cold hard fiscal facts about how this nation is screwing its retirees and what we might learn from a friendly nation by the name of "THE NETHERLANDS," when it comes to proper accounting practices that can assure pension stability. That is "exciting." Because you don't want to be old and broke!
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Saudi Big Sad About Oil Prices

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/15/2014

This is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the richest members of the ruling house of Saud in Saudi Arabia.  Prince Aly is Rupert Murdoch's partner in News Corporation and has major influence on what ReePubs & Libertarians watch on their Fox "News".  He makes sure that these viewers' fear-factors against Syria, Iran, colored-folks and all the other hyped threats to Amerika, Israel and Saudi Arabia are fed continuously 24/7.  But now that oil has fallen dangerously close to the Saudi break-even, national-budget price of $86.1/barrel, Aly is majorly pissed:
In a letter in Arabic addressed to ministers and posted on his website, Prince Alwaleed described the idea of the kingdom tolerating lower prices below $100 per barrel as potentially "catastrophic" for the economy of the desert kingdom.

The letter ... is a significant attack on Saudi's highly respected 79-year-old oil minister Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi who has the most powerful voice within the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) ...

Prince Alwaleed had taken particular issue with a remark attributed to Saudi Arabia's oil minister, in which he said that falling prices were "no cause for alarm".
The simple reason Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi says there's "no cause for alarm" is because it is he and his boss King Abdullah who are directly responsible for the falling oil price:
Saudi Arabia will force the price of oil down, in an effort to put political pressure on Iran and Russia ...

Riyadh will sell oil below the average spot price at $50 to $60 per barrel in the Asian markets and North America ...

Saudi Arabia wants to get Iran to limit its nuclear energy expansion, and to make Russia change its position of support for the Assad Regime in Syria. Both countries depend heavily on petroleum exports for revenue, and a lower oil price means less money coming in ... The Gulf states will be less affected by the price drop.
King Abdullah and al-Naimi told President Barry that if he'd drop Freedom Bombs™ on Syria, they'd push down the price of oil which would force Iran to cooperate on the nuclear issue and Putin to stop supporting Assad.

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The Bullshit Gets Thicker & Smellier & Stinkier

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/14/2014

The United Snakes is one of the champs at torture & bullshit.  Remember Abu Ghraib?  And Dick Cheney, the Vice-President for chrissakes, even bragged about waterboarding, which, by the way, the United Snaked hanged Japanese & German officials for after military tribunals at the end of WWII.  So it is certainly ironic that our rulers' propaganda ministers have a new, fake snitch from Syria they call 'Caesar' who, supposedly, was a military photographer for the Assad government who - get this - documented torture atrocities.  Under direct orders from President Assad.  So, the idea here was that - Assad wanted to make sure that if/when Caesar defected to Saudi Israelia he would have plenty of photographic evidence of torture to sell to American media so it would have plenty of pictures to demonize him and sell Amerikans on a march to war with Syria?  Yeah.  Sure.  That's what torturing leaders always do - pay guys to record evidence of their atrocities so that the United Snakes can use this 'evidence' to drop more Freedom Bombs™ on them.  Yeah.  Makes perfect sense:
The State Department has obtained 27,000 photographs showing the emaciated, bruised and burned bodies of Syrian torture victims — gruesome images that a top official told Yahoo News constitute "smoking gun" evidence that can be used to bring war-crimes charges against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad ...

The photos — a small number of which will be put on public display for the first time on Wednesday at the U.S. Holocaust Museum — were smuggled out of Syria by an official regime photographer who has since defected and is known only by his code name, Caesar ...

The Syrian government has officially denounced the photos as fakes and suggested many of the corpses seen are actually of militants who died in battle ...

Because many of the photos had to be compressed by Caesar to get them to fit on thumb drives, crucial metadata — which would yield the precise date and time that each image was recorded — was lost.
The ONLY way to positively kill that "crucial metadata" is to PrtScr-copy/paste the photos - which, of course, has nothing to do with 'compressing' them.

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Cops Can Steal Our Stuff Because of Reagan

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/13/2014

Back in 1984, before the Wedtech Scandal and a resignation in disgrace, Fat Eddie Meese, Ronnie Reagan's Attorney General and a crook of the first order, proposed The Equitable Sharing Program: "One of our most effective weapons against drug traffickers," Meese wrote in his autobiography, "was to confiscate the assets of their criminal activity, such as expensive autos, yachts, businesses, and homes... To make this technique even more effective, we shared the proceeds with cooperating local law enforcement agencies to enhance their drug-fighting activities".  Of course, and as usual with the Reagan crowd, this slush-fund opened floodgates to rampant corruption and outright government thievery:
Police agencies have used hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law in recent years to buy guns, armored cars and electronic surveillance gear. They have also spent money on luxury vehicles, travel and a clown named Sparkles ...

[P]olice departments and drug task forces across the country are benefiting from laws that allow them to take cash and property without proving a crime has occurred. The law was meant to decimate drug organizations, but The Post found that it has been used as a routine source of funding for law enforcement at every level ...

Brad Cates, a former director of asset forfeiture programs at the Justice Department, said the spending ... suggests police are using Equitable Sharing as “a free floating slush fund” ...

Of the nearly $2.5 billion in spending reported in the forms, 81 percent came from cash and property seizures in which no indictment was filed ... Owners must prove that their money or property was acquired legally in order to get it back ...

Sparkles the Clown was hired for $225 by Chief Jeff Buck in Reminderville, Ohio, to improve community relations. But Buck said the seizure money has been crucial to sustaining long-term investigations that have put thousands of drug traffickers in prison.

“The money I spent on Sparkles the Clown is ... fighting the war on drugs,” he told The Post ...
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Gun Fairy Loses Gun

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/12/2014

This is the best open-carry story ever:
An Oregon man proudly carrying his brand new pistol out in the open had it stolen at gunpoint by a brazen thief, police said.

William Coleman III, of Gresham, near Portland, had owned his Walther P22 pistol for just a few hours before it was stolen by a gun-toting passerby early Saturday, The Oregonian reported.

Cops say the bumbling gun enthusiast had the piece out in the open when he was talking to his cousin on a street at about 2:10 a.m.

Coleman told police a young man approached and asked for a cigarette, and then suddenly flashed a piece of his own.

"I like your gun. Give it to me," he demanded, according to the Oregonian.

Coleman handed it over, and the young man took off.

Coleman had just bought the gun, estimated at $380, Friday and was carrying it out in the open legally, according to local reports.

The perp was described as a thin black man, about 6 feet, 1 inch tall, between ages 19 and 23, with a small patch of hair on his chin.

He was wearing grey sweats, a white shirt and flip flops.
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See Kill The Messenger

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/11/2014

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act and a reporter named Garry Webb, we now know, for certain, that back in the 1980s, nasty people around a doddering and senile Ronald Reagan broke a lot of laws so they could channel funding to a bunch of dope-dealing criminals in Central America, known as "The Contras", because they were attempting to overthrow the democratically-elected government in Nicaragua.  This Reagan Administration criminality was known as the Iran-Contra Scandal and was forgiven by a lot of Amerikans because Ronnie went on the Tee-vee, exactly three weeks after forcefully denying that he'd illegally funded the contras and helped with their dope-dealing, and tearfully blamed the whole thing - on his staff.  Then Ronnie said, "But as President, I cannot escape responsibility."  And for the rest of the speech, of course, explained why he wasn't responsible.

Our lick-spittle media picked up on Ronnie's cowardly theme and came with their usual "America must move on" bullshit full-force, working hard to exonerate Reagan of wrongdoing.  Any reporter, most notably Gary Webb, who actually researched the Contra's crack cocaine connection was vilified by the palace guard:
In the mid- to late '80s, a number of reports had surfaced that connected the Contras to the cocaine trade. The first was by Associated Press scribes Brian Barger and Robert Parry, who published a story in December 1985 that begins, "Nicaraguan rebels operating in northern Costa Rica have engaged in cocaine trafficking, in part to help finance their war against Nicaragua's leftist government ..."

Then came the San Jose Mercury News piece, a 20,000-word three-parter by Pulitzer Prize–winning staffer Gary Webb published under the title "Dark Alliance." "For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to a Latin American guerrilla army run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a Mercury News investigation has found," it begins ...

In response, the [Washigton] Post, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times would all weigh in with multiple articles claiming that Webb's assertions were bunk. His career was effectively ruined, and even his own paper eventually disavowed "Dark Alliance" ...

[Webb] was demoted and sent to a dustbin bureau 150 miles from San Jose. He resigned after settling an arbitration claim and went to work for a small alt-weekly. Over the next several years, his marriage fell apart and his meager wages were garnished for child support. On Dec. 10, 2004, Webb was discovered dead, shot twice in the head with his father's .38. The local coroner declared the death a suicide.
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Plenty of Freedom Bombs™, Not Enough Targets

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/10/2014

Once President Barry gave in to the Israelis and sanctioned Freedom Bombs™ for their latest enemy who's so phony that they can't even decide on a name for it, the rest of the usual suspects lined up to show their fealty to their Israeli overlords.  Now we have the British and the Dutch vying for who's sending the most fighter-bombers.  Problem is: there aren't enough targets.  Also, too, Hitler ...
It is my first Hitler of this war. I queried the west’s strategy of bombing Islamic State (Isis) and an elegant thinktanker retorted, “I suppose you would let Hitler run riot over Europe.” I walked away. I always respect Godwin’s Law, which states that the longer an argument runs, the greater the likelihood Hitler gets mentioned, killing it stone dead.

I cannot recall a conflict so swamped by incoherence as the one in northern Iraq. The awfulness of Isis has given the something-must-be-done-even-if-it’s-stupid lobby an ostensibly crushing moral ascendancy ...

All these leaders have a terror of being thought of as a wimp. The same is true in America. There, Barack Obama may have been elected on a platform of withdrawal from foreign wars ... His plea that “doing stupid stuff” is no answer to a global crisis is derided by his old secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. “Great nations need organising principles,” she says, whatever they may be. “Not doing stupid” lacks what the New Yorker last month called the “snarl and swagger” that Americans want in their leaders, even if they lead to defeat ...

This is vividly displayed by the Isis predicament. The war motion passed by the House of Commons on 26 September – yes to bombing Iraq, no to troops on the ground – received just 43 votes against. Canada’s parliament mustered 134 against. Did it really need General David Richards to point out last month that bombing made no sense without ground forces to follow? The enemy would simply relocate. The war, Richards said, would go on for ever unless a competent land army was involved. As it was, British jets were finding little to bomb. Two more Tornados were sent to raise the British deployment to eight, because, I am told, Denmark had sent seven.
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John Lennon Said

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/9/2014

Light blogging today because Freak Flag World Headquarters is getting new floors.  Here's what John Lennon said in an interview 46-years ago:
“I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. And I think that's what I sussed when I was sixteen and twelve, way down the line. But I expressed it differently all through my life. It's the same thing I'm expressing all the time. But NOW I can put it into that sentence that I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends, you know. If anybody can put on paper what our government, and the American government, and the Russian, Chinese... what they are all trying to do, and what they THINK they're doing, I'd be very pleased to know what they think they're doing. I think they're all insane.”
Johnny, they all think they're running the best route to kiss-the-ass of the people with the most power & money so they'll share in mad PROFITZ!  And, of course, ALWAYS mindful of the necessity for Khazars from Eastern Europe in Palestine to "move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them," as the really, Really, REALLY Big 'A' used to say.

Don't Sell ... Yet

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/8/2014

The lead story throughout our rulers' media is the death from Ebola of 42-year-old Thomas Eric Duncan, an otherwise completely obscure man from an equally obscure country, Liberia, that 98% of Americans couldn't find on a map.  But Duncan is an even bigger story than Celebrity Nude Selfies because our rulers are ginning up the fear of Ebola, an obscure and weak virus found only in Sub-Saharan Africa.  A little over 3,000 people have died from the current 2014 West Africa Outbreak.  To put this 'outbreak' in a perspective that our rulers most definitely do NOT want you to think about, compare those 3,000 deaths to the more than 38-Thousand deaths (a very conservative estimate from the British medical journal Lancet) that result from 6-Million illegal abortions performed in Africa per year.  But women dying from botched abortions does not have nearly the PROFITZ! potential that a good pandemic scare like Ebola has.  When American Dr. Kent Bradley was first reported with Ebola on July 17th, the stock price for Chimerix, Inc. (CMRX), the maker of Brincidofovir, the anti-virus drug used for treatment of Ebola, was $19.35 per share.  As of today, BEFORE the news of Duncan's death, it had rocketed to $33.23 - a 72% increase in just 2½ months.  The kind of PROFITZ! Hedge Fund wet-dreams are made from.  The 'News' of Duncan's death sent the profit-takers running and Chimerix has already fallen 20% to $28.  But you can rest assured that the big boys at Goldie got out before that and made millions.  The persistence of reporting of this story means that there's definitely way more PROFITZ! in the Ebola-scare.  There will be a vaccine and it will be expensive and the whole world will be inoculated and all of those mad PROFITZ! will only go to a very few persons at the tippy-top of the 1%.  Grady's got his
GlaxoSmithKline at 45-and-a-half.

Hey.  Remember "Bird Flu"?

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 10/7/2014

L'il Bushie and his cabal of war-profiteers and Israel-firsters told us for 6-years, over & over, "As the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down."  American taxpayers spent over $100Billion training and arming a new, Shiite-led and staffed Iraqi army.  That army dropped its weapons, and even its uniforms, and fled in the face of "ISIS" or "ISIL" or "Khorasan" or whatever our rulers' media is calling the Sunni-based mercenaries that the Saudi Israelians paid to invade Iraq & Syria.  Turns out that these mercenaries are not only using U.S. weapons but, more importantly, U.S. ammo as well:

In its campaign across northern Syria and Iraq, the jihadist group Islamic State has been using ammunition from the United States and other countries that have been supporting the regional security forces fighting the group ...

[A]mmunition transferred into Syria and Iraq to help stabilize governments has instead passed from the governments to the jihadists, helping to fuel the Islamic State’s rise and persistent combat power. Rifle cartridges from the United States, the sample shows, have played a significant role.
“The lesson learned here is that the defense and security forces that have been supplied ammunition by external nations really don’t have the capacity to maintain custody of that ammunition,” said James Bevan, director of Conflict Armament Research, the organization that is gathering and analyzing weapons used by the Islamic State.

Once we 'stabilize' the situation in Iraq through Freedom Bombing™, our rulers will gain new, mad PROFITZ! re-arming and ammo-ing the NEW, new Iraqi army that the Saudi/Qatar/UAE/Israeli mercenaries will steal once again.

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