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A Double Dose of Propaganda

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/26/2015

The more wars-4-Israel propaganda partnership at FoxNews and the New York Times is in full rage as the neocons strive to re-insert The Troops!™ into the Middle East so that E. Europeans can feel safe under their Amerikan military umbrella again, stealing land & water in Palestine.  That's why it's wise to let a real foreign war correspondent, Robert Parry, the very best we have in the U.S., explain it all and show how President Barry can/will keep those troops right where they belong - here in the United States.
President Obama has belatedly detected the looming catastrophe in Syria and Iraq as Sunni terrorists gain ground. He also grasps the need for Russian and Iranian help. But his administration remains infested with neocons and liberal war hawks who could sabotage the needed deals ...

The only game-saving play open to Obama now – in response to recent Saudi-backed escalation of Sunni extremism in Syria and Iraq as well the new right-wing racist government in Israel – may be to forge an alliance with Iran and Russia as a counterforce in the Middle East that could save Syria’s relatively secular regime and reverse gains by the Islamic State inside Iraq ...

That, however, would require Obama finally taking control of his foreign policy and throwing out or at least sidelining many of the neocons and “liberal interventionists” whom he has tolerated and promoted. It’s difficult to see how the likes of Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland and Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power would fall in line behind the necessary moves to build such a pragmatic alliance ...

Obama's Boss

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/25/2015

This is a picture from last September of Penny Pritzger, heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune who, along with Lester Crown, heir to the General Dynamics fortune, used Billion$ to change Barack Obama from a community organizer into President Barry.  Penny, for her efforts, was crowned Secretary of Commerce by her President.  Here she is, in her neocon role, forcing a reluctant Barry to talk with Petro Poroshenko, the "Chocolate King" and current fake-president of the Ukraine, created by her pal Vicky Nuland.  Petro, for his efforts at fake-presidenting, is currently enjoying a 1% approval rating from the people of the Ukraine.  That's ONE-PERCENT - meaning only the rich fucks in the Ukraine, the 1%, like Penny & her pals here in the United Snakes, support the Poroshenko "presidency".  The people who actually live & work in the Ukraine know better.  But Penny and her neocon pals don't care.  They want their government ruling the Ukraine.  Why?  Only because they're mad at Valdimir Putin and want to punish him for spoiling the beautiful little Syrian war they almost had President Barry bullied into waging.

People who read this blog occasionally ask, just who are these "rulers" you keep going on about Grady?  Well, Penny Pritzger here is a charter member of our rulers' club in the United Snakes.  It takes, at least, 2-billion-dollars in personal fortune that you, alone, control (not the family trust) to be in this club.  Then you have to be prepared to drop a small amount, say, a couple of hundred million, of that fortune into political campaigns and, voilà, you too could be a ruler.  That's all it takes.

And they're almost all "strong supporters of Israel".  They own both houses of Congress.  So now you see why it's hard for someone like President Barry to implement a foreign policy that actually puts the interests of the people of the United States first rather than a bunch of E. Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", stealing land & water in Palestine.  Got it?

Fight or Freedom Bombs™

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/24/2015

This is Ashton Carter, our current Secretary of Defense.  Ashton is pissed because the Iraqi Army we spent Trillions of dollars and 12-years training just turned-tail and ran - again.
The Islamic State group's takeover of Ramadi is evidence that Iraqi forces do not have the "will to fight," Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, in the harshest assessment yet from a high-ranking Obama administration official of Iraqi fighters and the loss of the provincial capital ...

Iraqi forces outnumbered their opposition ... but failed to fight and pulled back ... Carter said ... The Iraqis left behind large numbers of U.S.-supplied vehicles, including several tanks ...

"The Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. They were not outnumbered," Carter said ... "In fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force. That says to me, and I think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the Iraqis to fight ISIL and defend themselves" ...

Carter defended the use of U.S. airstrikes as an effective part of the fight against the Islamic State group but said they are not a replacement for Iraqi forces willing to defend their country.

"We can participate in the defeat of ISIL," he said, using another acronym for Islamic State. "But we can't make Iraq ... a decent place for people to live."
Iraq WAS a pretty "decent place for people to live" until Daddy Bush bullshitted Amerika into the first phony Iraq War-4-Israel (see: Glaspie, April - also, Al-Sabah, Nayirah).

Turning FoxNews into Actual 'News'

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/23/2015

Rupie Murdoch's 24/7 corporate-welfare propaganda network takes every opportunity to promote the bullshit "scary-colored-peoples-are gonna-get-you" meme to its older, white audience.  That's its only reason for being.  Providing cover for the corporate malfeasance to further enslave the lower classes and neocon foreign policy solely designed to keep E. Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", safe while they murder Palestinians and steal their land & water.  But every now & then, an uncontrolled incident of white violence makes it uncomfortable for the FoxNews to ignore.
After African-American communities in Baltimore and Ferguson, MO came together to demonstrate against the deadly and racially disparate policies of law enforcement, Fox News branded the protests a "war on cops." But when the story became a mostly white Texas biker gang plotting to kill police with grenades and car bombs, the network took a decidedly less sensationalist approach in its reporting.

Fox host Sean Hannity declared on May 12 that there is a "war on police in America" and tied recent statistics on law enforcement officers' deaths to protestors in Baltimore who took to the streets in response to the unexplained death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

It's a narrative Fox has been pushing for months, branding any discussion of the proven racial disparities in police shootings as part of a sensationalized "war" on law enforcement ...

But on a major story that involved serious threats against law enforcement, the "people versus the police" warlike rhetoric has been conspicuously absent from Fox's news coverage.

On May 17 in Waco, TX, a shootout between rival biker gangs and law enforcement left nine people dead and more than 190 people in custody. In the immediate aftermath, some gang members issued death threats against uniformed officers. Days later, reports of more violent threats emerged -- members of the Bandidos biker gang who serve in the military were giving their fellow members grenades and C4 explosives, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety ...

Fox News ... has completely refrained from describing the plot as part of its much-hyped "war on cops." Instead, the network has played it straight, with just-the-facts news reports read on camera with no accompanying pictures or video ...
More ...

Holier Than Shit

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/22/2015

A Michigan Lutheran Pastor who just hates the sin of Gay, and even the sinner a little bit, has been caught cruising the gay App Grindr for gay partners.  Wouldn't be so bad if Pastor Matthew hadn't advised a gay teen in his parish to KILL himself for wanting the icky sexytime.
The recently outed anti-gay pastor Matthew Makela is coming under fire not just for his hypocrisy but, according to the mother of one of his parishioners, he encouraged her gay son that since he was going to hell anyway, he might as well kill himself ...

According to Jennifer Kisk, Makela did far worse than make his LGBT parishioners uncomfortable — he actively urged them to kill themselves. As WNEM’s David Custer reported, Makela told then 17-year-old Tyler Kish — who was suffering from depression at the time — that if he insisted on embracing a homosexual lifestyle, he might as well commit the mortal sin of suicide because he was already ticketed for hell.

“If he’s going to hell for being gay then he might as well commit suicide,” Kish said Makela advised her son. He also, she alleged, went on social media to berate her for remaining supportive of her son after he came out to her.
The main thing to take away from this story is: Stop Going to Church.  It's bad for you.  All that those preacher's want is your money and if they can use you, or your children, in any way, to hold up as an example of shame - to get even more parishioners to donate to them - they will.  All they want is your money.  If you have personal problems that are upsetting you to the point of distraction?  See a professional therapist.  Not a god-damned preacher-shyster.

They Lied Alright

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/21/2015

Ex-CIA Director and L'il Bushie's personal briefer Michael Morell was THE base source for "The Intelligence" that was, supposedly, so "BAD" - as we are being reminded of again & again these days by Jebbie & all of the presidential candidates and their handlers -  that it gosh-darned fooled L'il Bushie and his gang into starting the Iraq war-4-Israel.  Morell is trying to sell a new tell-all book that doesn't tell-anything about what we really want to know - what was the difference between what he was telling L'il Bushie & the gang and what they were saying about Weapons of Mass Bullshit on the Tee-vee in their promotional campaign for that phony war.  Lucky for us, Morell went on Chris Matthews' show to sell his bullshit book and got trapped into telling a little truth - that Cheney blatantly lied about Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapons on the Tee-vee to fake-journalist Tim Russert who didn't dare ask any, obvious follow-up questions to this outrageous, and crucially important, lie.
Host Chris Matthews asked Morell about a statement Cheney made in 2003: "We know he [Saddam Hussein] has been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons. And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons." Here's the conversation that followed:

    MATTHEWS: Was that true?

    MORELL: We were saying—

    MATTHEWS: Can you answer that question? Was that true?

    MORELL: That's not true.
   More ...

But No One Goes to Jail

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/20/2015

These bankster gangsters: Vikram Pandit, Jamie Dimon, Antony Jenkins, Stephen Hester and Peter Kurer are all three-time-losers - but they won't go to jail.  Back in March, Grady told you that the banksters were going to get burned on their LIBOR/currency manipulation deals - but that none of the executives involved would be indicted.  As usual, he was right.
Six of the world’s biggest banks will pay $5.8 billion and five of them agreed to plead guilty to charges tied to a currency-rigging probe as they seek to wind down almost half a decade of enforcement actions.

Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Barclays Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Plc agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to manipulate the price of U.S. dollars and euros ... The main banking unit of UBS Group AG agreed to plead guilty to charges related to interest-rate manipulation. The Swiss bank, the first to cooperate with antitrust investigators, was granted immunity in the currency probe.

The four banks that agreed to plead guilty to currency charges are among the world’s biggest foreign-exchange traders. They were accused of colluding to influence benchmark rates by aligning positions and pushing transactions through at the same time. Traders who described themselves as members of “The Cartel” used online chat rooms to discuss their positions in the minutes before the rates were set ...

“By agreeing not to buy or sell at certain times, the traders protected each other’s trading positions by withholding supply of or demand for currency and suppressing competition in the FX market,” the government said in a statement ...

The Fed also fined Bank of America Corp. $205 million.
Remember the "Three Strikes Law"?  These new charges are the THIRD TIME these very same banksters have been caught in currency trading felony wire-fraud.

One Thing Right

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/19/2015

Randy Paul and the Libertarians will never acknowledge that the reason they are Libertarians is because they generally come from over-privileged families that clear a career-path for them - usually through family-owned businesses, or just a huge trust fund.  There's no reason, for them, to have public programs for, say, education because they don't need an education; their high position in the family business, and/or huge trust fund, is guaranteed.  They don't need a healthcare program because their health insurance will be provided by the family trust, etc.etc.  Poorer people cling to Libertarianism - for other reasons.

But Randy gets one thing right: that the Iraq War-4-Israel was a stupid, useless and wasteful failure that ruined the country (but he's not allowed to talk about the Israel part).
Republican Sen. Rand Paul writes in his forthcoming book that it is troublesome that those who planned the Iraq War are still invited on Sunday morning political talk shows to give their opinions ...

"It’s also bothersome that the mainstream media continues to invite the architects of the Iraq invasion on to share their opinions on Sunday morning shows,” he adds. “History has already begun to harshly judge those who made this country’s decisions after 9/11.”

Paul has been vocal in saying that, even at the time, the Iraq War was a mistake.
His dad said pretty much the same thing during the 2012 ReePub debates and was dismissed by our rulers' media because back then you were not allowed to criticize the Iraq War-4-Israel.

Wacky Waco

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/18/2015

A bunch of gun-fairies in biker-drag got into a big ol' gunfight in Waco, TX which has rested comfortably in obscurity since its last brush with fame during a similar big ol' gun-fight with the Branch Davidians back in 1993.  Waco police spokesman and Very Serious Person, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, was relieved that the only people who were killed were bikers: "How that happened? Let's say it's Sunday and Somebody was lookin' out for us, is the only way to describe that."  Apparently, Sgt. Swanton's Invisible, Super Sky-Grandpa guided the 100s of bullets away from the good people so that they only hit the bad people.  PRAISE Jesus!
A noon-hour shootout Sunday involving rival motorcycle gangs and Waco law enforcement officers left nine people dead and at least 18 wounded at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Central Texas Marketplace, with a veteran Waco police spokesman calling the crime scene the bloodiest he has ever seen.

The melee reportedly started in a Twin Peaks restroom and quickly spread to the bar and spilled into the parking lot, where an estimated 100 bikers with allegiances to as many as five gangs had gathered ...

Gang members reportedly clashed using knives, chains and clubs, and then drew firearms on each other and on law enforcement officers who responded ...

“In 34 years of law enforcement, this is the most violent crime scene I have ever been involved in,” Swanton said. “There is blood everywhere.”

He estimated that 100 weapons were used, and said vehicles parked near Twin Peaks were riddled with bullet holes ...

The 24-hour Wal-Mart Superstore on Franklin Avenue reportedly closed for business early in the evening Sunday.

To Maintain Racial Purity

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/17/2015

Re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making good on promises to his racist base.  He selected a bigot named Ayelet Shaked as Israel's next Justice Minister, the equivalent of the U.S. Attorney General.  In a promotional puff-piece for the NY Times, Minister Shaked lays out her basic beliefs:
  • She favors annexing most of the West Bank - an illegal action directly violating UNSCR 242 which was signed by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Yosef Tekoah on May 1, 1968 and endorsed by then Prime Minister Levi Eshkol.
  • She is an unapologetic bigot and favors deporting African asylum seekers.
  • She favors limiting the power of the Supreme Court so that racist legislation, like the Jewish Nation-State Law, can be affirmed.
  • She favors punishing Israeli groups that criticize the illegal settlements & occupation.
  • She wants to create laws that enshrine the RIGHTS OF JEWS OVER OTHER GROUPS.
Ayelet is a member of the radical, right-wing Jewish Home Party that opposes any kind of autonomy for Palestinians or their state.

Remember Lake Mead?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/16/2015

Next time some ReePub wanker grifting for crank billionaire dollars for his campaign on the Tee-vee tells you that Climate Change is horseshit, take a look at the changes in the water level of Lake Mead since 2001.
It’s one thing to hear about the severity of the drought out West, but images of Lake Mead, on the Colorado River, show an unprecedented drop in its water level and hammer home the severity of the drought.

Lake Mead, the nation's largest reservoir, is filled to only 40 percent of capacity. The 14-year drought in the area surrounding the Colorado River basin has resulted in an astounding 150-foot drop in water levels.

The bleached “bathtub ring” visible on the banks of Lake Mead towers more than a hundred feet over passing pleasure boats.
Then, when that ReePub gets you gritting your teeth about those sluts getting abortions and free birth-control, or the gays having icky sexytime and getting married, or the Blacks getting everything for free - think about what your life's going to be like without ANY water.  And vote for the Democratic candidate no matter what.

Better Buy Sabra

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/15/2015

Our rulers' media is all-kerfluffled over the phony "fight" it's created between Elizabeth Warren and President Barry regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership (the TPP), a proposed regional regulatory and investment treaty with mostly Pacific-ocean-oriented trading partners.  As usual, this is a distraction - trying to make President Barry appear weak.  He's being beaten-up by a 'girl', Warren, and a 'liberal' girl, at that.  Making male voters, particularly white ones who already have a reason to feel shame about Barry, long for a 'strong' (and white) President again, who won't hesitate to Freedom Bomb™ the shit outta brown people.  So while we are - distracted - from the real, actual workings of this fairly important (China's NOT participating, Viet Nam is) trade agreement over libido issues, our rulers at AIPAC are writing rules for it - even though Israel, obviously, isn't a 'Pacific' nation.
As Israel forms the most dangerous, aggressive, racist government in its history, Aipac thought this was a good time to remind the American people of that by conniving to amend an already contentious fast-track trade bill with a new amendment that would criminalize BDS in the U.S.  The specific language seeks:

    “To discourage politically motivated actions to Boycott, Divest from, or Sanction Israel and seek the elimination of politically motivated non-tariff barriers on Israeli goods, services, or other commerce imposed on the State of Israel…

    [This] means actions by states, non-member states of the United Nations, international organizations, or affiliated agencies of international organizations that are politically motivated and are intended to penalize or otherwise limit commercial relations specifically with Israel or … in Israeli-controlled territories.”

Zero Dark Bullshit

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/14/2015

The lying wankers in the CIA and their propagandists in our rulers' media have their panties in-a-knot because Seymour Hersh has blown the lid off their bullshit, again.  The Osama bin Laden assassination story we've been fed is, as usual, loaded with lies.  The main two lies Hersh uncovered are:
  1. CIA torture revealed bin Laden's location
  2. The Pakistanis did NOT know anything about the raid to kill bin Laden before it happened
Obedient 'reporters' have been quick to protect their phony-baloney jobs and condemn Hersh, just like they did with his dead-accurate reporting on the My Lai Massacre, Israel's Nuclear Weapons, the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory bombing, the bullshit Iraq War-4-Israel, the bullshit Syrian Gas Attack, and so many other disclosures of our rulers' malfeasance.  Two things you can count on in this world: Hersh is always right, and our rulers are always lying.  On Tuesday, Pakistan's major newspaper finally confirmed Hersh's account of exactly how bin Laden's hiding place was revealed to U.S. authorities:
Well-informed intelligence circles in the garrison town of Rawalpindi concede that the vital information about the bin Laden compound was actually provided to the Americans by none other than an ISI official - Brigadier Usman Khalid. The retired Brigadier, who has already been granted American citizenship along with his entire family members, persuaded Dr Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani physician, to conduct a fake polio campaign in the Bilal Town area of Abbottabad to help the Central Intelligence Agency hunt down Osama.
So much for the CIA torture-boyz and their lies about the courier Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.  No.  Torturing al-Kuwaiti did NOT reveal Osama's hiding place.  Paying Usman Khalid the $25-Million reward and moving his entire family to the United Snakes via the witness protection program - did.  Period.  Full stop.

And as far as the fantasy that Pakistan did NOT know anything about the assassination raid?  We'll let Mr. Hersh handle that one:
The most blatant lie was that Pakistan’s two most senior military leaders – General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, chief of the army staff, and General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, director general of the ISI – were never informed of the US mission.
There would not, repeat: NOT, have been any assassination raid unless President Barry had positive DNA evidence that bin Laden was in the house that the informant Usman Khalid said he was in - BEFORE the mission.

The ReePub Lynch Mob

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/13/2015

This is a video of Stewart Rhodes, founder of a group called the Oath Keepers, giving a speech to a lynch mob in Arizona.  He's listing the reasons why this mob should go out and lynch Sen. John McCain - and he's a Very Serious Person.  Oath Keepers is made up of mostly former and current cops and soldier-boyz who "pledge to defend the Constitution",
which is code for stopping people of color from participating in U.S. democracy and justifiably killing as many of them as possible.  It is a voting bloc that the ReePub Party absolutely counts upon to win elections, particularly in the western United Snakes.  Arizona State Senate President, Andy Biggs (ReePub) attended and spoke at this lynch mob rally and, presumably, was sympathetic with Mr. Rhodes here about lynching John McCain.
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, state Senate President Andy Biggs (R) and "constitutional sheriff" movement leader Richard Mack were all on hand at an event on May 5 in Tempe, Arizona. The stated topic of discussion at the event, which was hosted by a group called the Arizona Liberty Caucus, was the "Dangers of an Article V / Constitutional Convention."
This is your Very Serious ReePub Party at work defending the parts of the Constitution that they like and lynching people who defend the parts they don't like.  Just remember this the next time someone tells you there are 'absolutely' no difference between Dems & ReePubs.

Dems don't lynch.

Same As The Old Boss

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/12/2015

Daniel Zoughbie's excellent book, Indecision Points: George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, chronicles the Bush Jr. administration's fealty to Israel and how it resulted in utter foreign policy disaster for the United Snakes.  Zoughbie uncovers how W. hid behind constantly vacillating moralist and realist positions on Israel/Palestine, starting phony distracting wars, with one, single purpose: stalling negotiations so that East Europeans colonizing Palestine could "move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours ... Everything we don't grab will go to them," as the really, Really, REALLY Big 'A' used to say.

ReePub crank billionaire and ruler, Paul Singer, had Jebbie Bush assure his gathering of mega-donors and potential rulers in New York City last week that Jebbie would revive his brother's Israel-first policy with more wars and an enigmatic negotiation strategy.  Jebbie was clear: Israel's
Oded Yinon Plan would be re-started - with vigor.
After spending months distancing himself ... Jeb Bush surprised a group of Manhattan financiers this week by naming his brother, former president George W. Bush, as his most influential counselor on U.S.-Israel policy.

“If you want to know who I listen to for advice, it’s him,” Bush said Tuesday, speaking to a crowd of high-powered investors at the Metropolitan Club ...

Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with many of his brother’s advisers and has endorsed many foreign-policy positions that mirror those of the former president ...

Governor Bush has said before that his brother is the greatest ally to Israel in presidential history, he admires his stalwart support for our ally, and that is in line with his commitment to standing with Israel in the face of great threats to their security and our own” ...

The Biggest Thieves

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/11/2015

The biggest thieves these days are the cops, who stole about 1.4-billion-dollars from citizens, and got away with it, in 2013.  Thanks to Ronald Reagan, his partner in crime, Fat Eddie Meese, and the most crooked presidential administration in recent history, we have a law called The Equitable Sharing Program which is just a 'legal' way for cops to stop you without cause and steal just about anything you own.
After scraping together enough money to produce a music video in Hollywood, 22-year-old Joseph Rivers set out last month on a train trip from Michigan to Los Angeles, hoping it was the start of something big.

Before he made it to California, however, Rivers fell victim to a legal form of government highway robbery.

Rivers changed trains at the Amtrak station in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on April 15, with bags containing his clothes, other possessions and an envelope filled with the $16,000 in cash he had raised with the help of his family ... Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration got on after him and began looking for people who might be trafficking drugs.

Rivers said the agents questioned passengers at random, asking for their destination and reason for travel. When one of the agents got to Rivers, who was the only black person in his car ... [he] took the interrogation further, asking to search his bags. Rivers complied. The agent found the cash -- still in a bank envelope -- and decided to seize it on suspicion that it may be tied to narcotics. River pleaded with the agents, explaining his situation and even putting his mother on the phone to verify the story.

No luck.

Get To Know Your Candidates

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/10/2015

This is ReePub presidential candidate Marco Rubio and his ruler, Norman Braman.
One day in the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Marco Rubio, the young speaker of the House, strayed from the legislative proceedings to single out ... a billionaire auto dealer named Norman Braman.

This man, Mr. Rubio said in effusive remarks in 2008, was no ordinary billionaire, hoarding his cash or using it to pursue selfish passions.

“He’s used it,” Mr. Rubio said, “to enrich the lives of so many people whose names you will never know.” As it turned out, one of the people enriched was Mr. Rubio himself ...

In Mr. Braman, a Republican with a strong distaste for wasteful government spending, an ardent commitment to Israel and a seemingly limitless bank account, Mr. Rubio found a devoted sponsor ...

When Mr. Rubio announced his signature legislative goal, an initiative to slash property taxes and raise the sales tax, Mr. Braman contributed $255,000 to the advocacy group lobbying for the changes, becoming by far its largest donor ...

[W]hen Mr. Rubio left state government, determined to shore up his finances before running for the United States Senate, he landed a teaching job at Florida International University, agreeing to raise much of his salary through private donations.

Mr. Braman gave $100,000 (for the salary), according to records he shared with The New York Times ...

In the spring of 2010, as Mr. Braman was donating heavily to Mr. Rubio’s Senate campaign, his company, Braman Management, hired Mr. Rubio as a lawyer for seven months. According to records provided by Mr. Braman, the company paid Mr. Rubio until a week before he was sworn in as a senator.
This article is an instruction manual for how "one-issue guys" like Norm buy politicians like Marco.


Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/9/2015

There's no other word for it.
Gov. Rick Scott, after his mother’s death in 2013, went on TV to explain his decision to drop his strongly-held opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

Scott said his mother’s death changed his perspective and he could no longer “in good conscience” oppose expanding health care coverage to nearly 1 million Floridians.

Scott conceded this week that was all a ruse. He now says his support for Medicaid expansion was a calculated move designed to win support from the Obama administration for the state’s proposal to hand over control of Medicaid to private insurance companies. At the time, he denied that his support was tied to a deal with the federal government.
This scumbag was the CEO of Columbia/HCA, a hospital mega-coglomerate that was convicted in 2003 of 14 felonies for Medicare fraud - the largest healthcare fraud in U.S. History.  Scott skipped out-the-door with a 6.88-million-dollar pay-off and $350-Million in stock.  He used this money to run for Governor of Florida, buying tons of media to appeal to an old, white, racist base, blaming all the problems with Medicare on the colored people instead of the shyster companies like his that actually stole all the money.  This racist base has kept him and his cronies in power and they've privatized huge portions of Florida healthcare, thus diminishing service and increasing PROFITZ! there.  And the old white people will keep voting for scumbags like Rick here only because he provides the ignorance, bigotry & hate that makes them feel s-o-o-o good.

What Is A Super PAC?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/8/2015

You can't say it any better than The Onion sometimes:
Q: Isn’t it true that super PACs drown out the voices of everyday Americans with their narrow, self-serving messages, effectively crippling the democratic process and reinforcing a vicious cycle in which all politicians are beholden to multimillionaires and merely feign interest in the working and middle classes in a cynical attempt to clinch their election and advance the interests of the country’s moneyed elite, further dividing a crumbling nation already hopelessly mired in inequality?
A: No.
A spoiled, over-privileged, trust-funded, religious wacko billionaire.  A small packaged food conglomerate.  An international, telecommunications mega-corporation.  Any 'entity' with a pile of extra money big enough can be a super PAC and buy an election, thanks to Tony Kennedy and the Supremes.

We are ruled by truly horrible persons.

Who's Laughing Now?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/7/2015

In 1980, when Reagan and his gangster-bankster bosses took the controls, the United States ranked 13th in life-expectancy for newborn baby girls.  Today it ranks 29th.  The infant-mortality rate at the beginning of Reagan's reign was about the same as Germany's.  Now it's twice as high - the highest among industrialized countries.  It does rank number one in teenage pregnancies, and percentage of adults incarcerated in the prisons Reagan and his gang privatized.  The PROFITZ! of those prisons are also highest ever, which leads us to the root cause for all of this failure - income inequality.
Three or four decades ago, the United States was the most prosperous country on earth. It had the mightiest military and the most advanced technologies known to humanity. Today, ... when it comes to the health, well-being and shared prosperity of its people, the United States has fallen far behind.

Pick almost any measure of social health and cohesion over the last four decades or so, and you will find that the United States took a wrong turn along the way ...

[B]laming globalization and technological progress for the stagnation of the middle class and the precipitous decline in our collective health is too easy. Jobs were lost and wages got stuck in many developed countries.

{But] what set the United States apart — what made the damage inflicted upon American society so intense — was the nature of its response. Government support for Americans in the bottom half turned out to be too meager to hold society together.
Reagan and those crooks set the stage back in the 80s - all of the wealth trickled up, not down.

Breaking the Silence

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/6/2015

There's a group of Israeli soldier-veterans called Breaking the Silence whose stated mission is to “expose Israelis to the nature of service in the occupied territories in order to have a political impact on Israeli society.”  These brave vets have just issued an incredibly detailed report, intensely compiled by the soldiers themselves over the last 8 months about last summer's Gaza conflict.
The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance during last year’s war against Hamas and was at best indifferent about casualties among the Palestinian population.

Those are the conclusions of a report complied by Breaking the Silence, an Israeli group that has spent the eight months since the end of the war, known as Operation Protective Edge, interviewing more than 60 members of the Israeli army, air force and navy, including soldiers and officers up to the rank of major.

The service personnel paint a picture that runs counter to official Israeli military claims that the surgical operation ... took great care to avoid civilian casualties and that Gaza’s already fragile infrastructure was not unnecessarily targeted.

Our Rulers Fail; Doesn't Matter

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/5/2015

These are the top hedge fund managers for 2014: Kenny Griffin, Jimbo Simons, Ray Dalio and Billie Ackman.  They made collectively over $4.5Billion in 2014.  They are also huge political contributors and thus completely control our politicians.  They are our rulers.  Why do they make SO much money?  Well, based upon their performance in 2014 - I have no idea.
For investors in hedge funds, like big pension funds, 2014 was not a lucrative year. But for those who managed their money, the pay was spectacular.

The top 25 hedge fund managers reaped $11.62 billion in compensation in 2014 ...

That collective payday came even as hedge funds, once high-octane money makers, returned on average low-single digits [about 3.3%]. In comparison, the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index posted a gain of 13.68 percent last year ...

Still, the men (no woman has ever made the cut) at the top of the hedge fund universe now run firms that are bigger than they have ever been. Their influence is growing beyond the industry and even beyond Wall Street. They lobby in Washington, donate to political campaigns nationwide, and can pick their advisers from a pool of former central bankers ...

For investors, 2014 was the sixth consecutive year that hedge funds have fallen short of stock market performance, returning only 3 percent on average ...
When any one of these guys speed-dials any politician, that call is always taken - immediately.

Here's How Crazy

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/4/2015

ReePub Congressmen keep proving how fucking nuts they are.  And it's getting worse.
Late Thursday night, the House of Representatives voted in favor of “H.J.Res. 43 ... the legislation would make using employer-based health insurance for in vitro fertilization or birth control pills a fireable offense in Washington, D.C.

Planned Parenthood has been mobilizing its network against the bill. “Your boss shouldn’t be able to fire you for using birth control,” the organization states.
So a bunch of ReePub men in Congress are enabling and encouraging employers in Washington, DC to fire female employees for using birth control.  I'm sure the Taliban would approve.

Equal Justice for All

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/3/2015

Our rulers just love touting their "Equal Justice for All" propaganda line in their bullshit media, especially when the inequalities in our "Justice" system are highlighted, like in the case of Freddie Gray these days.  In Orange County California, if you're white and rich, you can drive drunk, kill somebody with your car, spend 2-years confined to an apartment and then just walk free as if nothing ever happened.
Contrary to the concept of “equal justice for all,” multiple Southern California cities offer upgraded jail cells with phones, DVD players, and full-sized refrigerators to offenders who can afford the daily rate ...

The family of one Seal Beach man paid over $72,000 for an upgraded cell, away from the general population, while he served 2-years for killing a classmate after crashing his car while driving drunk ...

“Bottom line — if you don’t have the money, you’re not going to be able to stay,” explained Det. Laura Lomeli, who added that the cells are for “Good people who made a mistake, made a bad choice — and they have to pay the consequences ...

There Is A Difference

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/2/2015

Conventional Wisdom likes to tell us that ReePubs and Dems are all the same - that they're all controlled by the same people, our real rulers, and it doesn't matter much which ones we vote for.  But then along comes something like Terri Schiavo or Governor Ultrasound or, now, the New Jersey Bridge scandal that absolutely proves that ReePubs are in fact different.  They are by far the bigger assholes simply because - like the weird kid in your school who liked melting ants with a magnifying glass & the sun - ReePubs like causing pain.
Bill Baroni, Bridget Anne Kelly and David Wildstein waited for the first day of school.

They held off on telling people so their secret would not get out.

They steered cars to a cash lane, to make drivers sweat even more ...

The fine-grained intricacies laid out in the legal papers show the three plotting like petulant and juvenile pranksters, using government resources, time and personnel to punish a public official whose sole offense was failing to endorse their political patron ...

The charges reveal the step-by-step, carefully coordinated attention paid by the three associates of the governor to create the perfect traffic jam ... a uniquely New Jersey form of punishment: making suburban drivers sit in traffic ...

They were ready in August, but Mr. Baroni recommended waiting ... They bided their time. They agreed: They would do it the first day of school, Monday, Sept. 9, 2013, in order to “intensify Mayor Sokolich’s punishment.”
Anyone with kids knows that that first day of returning those children to school after the long summer holiday is about as stressful as any annual ritual a family has to face.  And only a ReePub would have the psychopathic tendencies and asshole-potential to mess with something like that - and delight in the cruelty of making it even more stressful and worse.  These people are truly hateful.

Grady has a bridge - the George Washington Bridge, in fact - that he will gladly sell, at a discount! to anyone who believes these three assholes planned this without Governor Chris Chistie's full knowledge.

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