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Rowdy Roddy Rests

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 8/1/2015

Anyone born after ... 1979, remembers the greatest rumble of all-time, the grand-daddy of all wrestling extravaganzas - "The War to Settle the Score".  Pop singer Cyndi Lauper coming off her biggest hit, "Girls Just Wanna", Capt. Lou Albano, Mr. T, Hulk Hogan - and the greatest wrestler bad-guy of them all, Rowdy Roddy Piper at Madison Square Garden, broadcast in prime-time by MTV, February 18, 1985.  The Hulkster 'won', on a technicality, but Roddy Piper stole the show and the hearts of wrestling fans throughout the world.
WWE legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper died after suffering a heart attack in his Hollywood home. He was 61.

Born Roderick George Toombs, Piper joined the WWE in 1984 after getting his start with the NWA in the late 1970s. He and Hulk Hogan met in landmark matchups including MTV’s “The War to Settle the Score” and the first WrestleMania, where Piper and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff took on Hogan and Mr. T ...

Piper had suffered a bout of Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2006 but was reportedly deemed cancer-free last November.

They Are Not 'Semites'

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/31/2015

When they first enter Israel, the most lawless and violent East Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", are generally herded into the West Bank occupied territories.  They are not 'civilized' enough to live amongst Israelis so they're foisted upon the poor, occupied Palestinians who basically have no rights to protect themselves against these thugs.  The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) slips weapons & ammo to them which they use to intimidate and run Palestinians off their land, and even kill them if necessary, so they can steal more land & water and build 'settlements' on this stolen land.  These settlers become 'citizens'.  Netanyahu and his Likud Party reward them with more settlement building permits which enable more immigration of Moldovan & Ukrainian thugs to the occupied territories and provide more loyal Likud voters which is how Israel has turned into a right-wing, military theocracy.  The violence against Palestinians is never reported but retaliations by Palestinians trying to defend themselves ALWAYS are and used as excuses for murderous military operations against the Palestinians by the IDF.  Here's an example from last week:
An 18-month-old Palestinian child was burned to death Friday when individuals believed to be Israeli extremists torched a home in a West Bank village ...

Poor Cruzer

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/30/2015

Grady's feeling a little bit sorry for Ted Cruz and the bottomfeeders in the ReePub Klown-Kar.  Their plan for winning the ReePub nomination was simple: take the maximalist insane position on every mainstream Republican issue - like, say, feed the woman-haters.  Abortion? "Personhood" for every-single-cell in a woman's body.  Contraception is “abortion-inducing drugs”, etc.etc.  But Cruzer and the rest of the crazies have been rendered irrelevant by Donny T. who has irrevocably claimed the maximalist insane position on every NON-mainstream Republican issue - appealing directly to the ReePub Id - THE ticket to high polls and a permanent debate podium where Trump will destroy all "politicians".  While Huckabee tries to explain the wacko-reach on the Iran Deal with his "oven-door" blathering, Donny T. merely goes on the Tee-vee, shrugs and in his perfect, Jersey, made-guy personna says, "Maybe they're not very bright", referring to President Barry and his team of actual nuclear physicists and scientists.  ReePub just LUVs that.  Cruzer goes all sciency with "Electro-Magnetc Pulse" nonsense.  ReePub hates science.  Trumpster, the made-guy, just shrugs & says, "Hey, YO! I ain't playin' games - no nuclear weapons".  Donald knows ReePubs want the tough-guy daddy and all his pretty girls.  He will get their nomination.  Hey, he just promised The Palin would have a position in his cabinet, probably along with the next Miss Universe.  This guy knows exactly what he's doing and will probably clear $400-million from his failed presidential campaign.

And that's all he wants.

Hot Flashes?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/29/2015

Just when we thought the useless, boondoggle F-35 program couldn't get much worse, the Hangar Princess somehow manages to get worse - MUCH worse.  She's having hot flashes:
Lockheed Martin's F-35 jet has had lots of problems since its first flight in 2006. Now as the planes start to arrive at Air Force bases around the country, another issue has come to light: The F-35 can shut down when its fuel gets too hot to carry out its functions as a coolant.
So this completely computer-controlled plane's computer will SHUT DOWN if it gets too hot.  The F-35 is SO un-skyworthy that, without its computer, it flies about as good as a set of car-keys.  So on sunny days, say whilst in a dog-fight that it is losing because it's not any good at actually being a 'jet-fighter' per se, the hot-sun, along with the aeronautical stresses associated with dog-fighting maneuvers, should heat-up the fuel sufficiently to?  SHUT the plane down so that it CRASHES.  Yep.  Another $300-million down-the-drain and probably a dead pilot since the inoperative computer also controls the ejection-seat mechanism, thus trapping the pilot in this useless piece-of-shit as it waddles down out of the sky to its earthly grave.

And we are spending a TRILLION-dollars, so far, on this useless, cold-war relic piece-of-shit and there's NO END IN SIGHT.  But we're cutting food stamps for poor kidz cause we can't afford them anymore.

We are ruled by hideously horrible people.

They Don't Care

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/28/2015

As Donny T marches on to his inevitable ReePub nomination, a new attack, actually a 26-year-old attack, has been lobbed at him by the conservaturd establishment - that he raped his then-wife, Ivana, back in 1989.  Except, he didn't!
The Daily Beast story repeated details of a deposition relayed by a Trump biographer, who described the mogul as forcing himself on his then-wife as revenge for her encouraging him to undergo a painful and unsuccessful scalp reduction surgery in the late 1980s.

The 1993 book, by author Harry Hurt III, includes a statement from Ivana Trump stating that she referred to the sexual encounter in question “as a ‘rape’, but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense” ...

In a statement provided to the Guardian on Tuesday, Ivana Trump distanced herself from the controversy.

Remember This?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/27/2015

Our rulers' media is filled with scary Iran propaganda, anchored by Israel's favorite lie: that Iran is "the number one sponsor of state terrorism".  No.  Saudi Arabia is, by far, number one when it comes to sponsoring terrorism, along with its security partner Israel.  Nothing will ever change the fact that fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were Saudis and the operation was funded by members of the Saudi ruling elite
The U.S. government is still concealing the 28 pages of the congressional 9/11 inquiry regarding Saudi financing of Al Qaeda terrorists.  Saudi Prince Bandar is the paymaster for ISIS, or ISIL or Khorasan or whatever-the-fuck the NY Times' focus-groups have decided to title the phony threat with this week.

But in the face of the incessant Israeli propaganda oozing from your Tee-vee, consider this: the people of Iran have suffered from sanctions for 36-years now, since the 1979 revolution that ousted hated U.S. puppet, the Shah of Iran.

Just The Liquor Talking

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/26/2015

The white supremacists who live among us say that there's no racism any more, because?  Obama.  And that reports about racism in the United Snakes are exaggerated, because?  Also Obama.  So when some of the smart kids from a Native American school were brought to a hockey game as a reward for hard work & good grades and some rich, white guys in the corporate suite above them poured beer down on them and called them names, it was no-harm/no-foul - just the liquor talking.
At the start of the year, a group of 57 Native Americans students from the Lakota tribe were taken to a minor league hockey match in Rapid City, South Dakota to celebrate their academic achievements. But what started as a field trip to reward the students quickly turned into a nightmare, when a group of drunk men in an executive suite dumped beer on their heads and yelled “go back to the Rez!” ...

After the incident, the Rapid City Police Department conducted an investigation and concluded three men were directly responsible. However, they only decided to charge one, Trace O’Connell, with disorderly conduct — a misdemeanor ...

More Gunz Not Working

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/25/2015

Another right-wing, white supremacist, gun-fairy has gone off, shooting innocent people and saving his country - this time from bad women instead of brown people.  Turns out John Russell 'Rusty' Houser was a he-man-woman-hater.
Whatever he wanted to talk about, it would generate calls,” said Floyd. “He was anti-abortion. The best I can recall, Rusty had an issue with feminine rights. He was opposed to women having a say in anything.
It wasn't by chance Rusty chose a movie theater showing a woman-driven rom-com for his killing field.  This was an act of rage against women.  And Rusty knew he could get into that theater with his Hi-Point .40 & 10-round stick because Louisiana is basically a free-fire zone with no gun regulations whatsoever.  When asked about that, the Governor of this demented State said we all need to pray and move on.  Okay?  The rest of the right-wing grifters have already started the "more-gunz-pew-pew-pew" mantra along with the NRA.  The gun manufacturers are having a field day and the United Snakes is now averaging about 2 mass-shootings per month.

Rusty Houser's dead but he and the rest of the gun-fairies have gotten their wish - a United Snakes awash with guns & ammo in the hands of paranoid, vigilante fantasists whose preferred hammer for every one of their delusional nails is a Glock-9 with a long-stick.

I mean, is this a great country or what?

WHO Screwed This Up?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/24/2015

Back in 2010, after many years of study and debate by transportation engineers and people who actually know what they're doing, the ARC (Access to the Region's Core) transport plan, consisting of new tracks, stations and, most importantly, two new tunnels under the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York City was approved to augment the two, existing, 100-year-old tunnels.  Unfortunately, the start of this crucial and much-needed project, which would have been completed in 2018, was prevented by New Jersey's then-new Governor, Chris Christie, solely in order to appease his ReePub rulers, Ken Langone and Paul Singer and by being all-tax-cutting and Conservaturdish.  Now those two, old tunnels that have been operating past capacity for years are - finally wearing out.
For the third straight day, train passengers from New Jersey were hit with mammoth morning delays Wednesday. NJ Transit even tweeted an unprecedented apology, calling the situation “unacceptable.”

This, just a week after riders were hit with a 9 percent fare hike and service cuts ...

On Tuesday, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx called it “almost criminal” that the region hasn’t moved faster to build new train tunnels under the Hudson, even as the existing two — which already back up repeatedly — will soon need to be closed for repairs.

Goldie Likes Iran

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/23/2015

As our neocon-Israeli media screeches, screams and throws poo at the Iran Nuclear Deal, Goldman Sachs Investment Associates, like Gregorio here, are following Xi Jinping and Wang Yi's lead, getting ready to jump into Iran.  Goldie's invented a new investment pool called the 'N-11', consisting of Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam - and Iran.
The moment the sanctions regime vanishes, arguably sometime in early 2016, Iran will become the hottest N-11 in the world ... a consumer market of more than 80 million, largely well educated people; a human capital mix that is even more attractive than Turkey; and in the all-important energy front, a combination of as much oil as Saudi Arabia, as much gas as Russia, and arguably more mineral resources than Australia ...

Post-sanctions, Iran will take maximum advantage of one of its key assets; location, location, location. Iran is nothing else but the privileged crossroads/trade hub connecting Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Southwest Asia – what the West calls the Middle East. It’s right at the center of the Chinese-led New Silk Roads, and an ideal candidate to join the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) – increasing trade with Central Asia, as in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan ...

Iran now needs no less than 400 passenger jets over the next decade ...

Iran will soon be back to its pre-2012 level of oil exports; 2.5 million barrels a day ...

One of the worst kept “secrets” in Brussels has always been the EU’s burning desire to do energy business with Iran. According to European Parliament numbers, Iran may soon export more than 150 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas a year ...

Failing to Signal

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/22/2015

Take a look.  Here's the whole video.  You're driving along, minding your own business on an uncrowded street during the day.  You spot a police car, in the rear-view mirror, bearing down on you, quickly, from behind.  So, you pull over to get out of its way.  In Texas, if you're black and the cop is a self-righteous, white asshole?  You go to jail for THREE days and end up dead.

Yeah, sure.  That's OK.


Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/21/2015

Everyone's heard of The Grateful Dead but not nearly as many have actually experienced their music.  Specific Dead songs are not as well-known as the band, because?  NOT commercial.  If you had to choose a signature song for The Dead it would probably be "Truckin'".  It wasn't their biggest single ("Touch of Grey") but it was the best song from their biggest album, "American Beauty".  But if you've ever been to a Dead concert, especially when Jerry Garcia was still alive, the tune that lifted-the-house and sung-along was "Ripple".  Sunday, July 19, 2015, The Grateful Dead played, they swear, their Last Concert Ever at Chicago's Soldier Field, sans Jerry and, thus, sans "Ripple".  Playing for Change, the wonderful group that "seeks to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music" organized one of their around-the-world play-alongs for Jerry's song and you can view it above.

R.I.P. Jerry and The Grateful Dead.  Peace and Love, hippies.

Just In Case

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/20/2015

Starting to get comfortable with Hillary as your next president?  Check the video above.  It's Hillary back in 2002 citing "intelligence reports", meaning propaganda from the neocons and Mossad, on Weapons of Mass Bullshit that she and her bosses, the Kagans, used to lie us into the Iraq War-4-Israel.  There's even the BIG, and very stupid, lie in there about Saddam & al Qaeda!  While Hillary was Secretary of State she hired Dick Cheney's former Deputy National Security Adviser, Vicky Nuland, of Ukraine War-4-Israel fame, as her spokesperson so that the neocon propaganda promoting wars-4-Israel could continue unabated from the Bush Administration right into President Barry's.  Now Vicky's husband, Robert Kagan, has officially gone on-the-record: the neocons have endorsed Hillary for President 2016:
I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy ... If she pursues a policy which we think she will pursue, it’s something that might have been called neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that; they are going to call it something else.”
Got that?  Hillary will do whatever-the-fuck the neocons want for their wars-4-Israel - creating the distractions needed in the Middle East so that East Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", sort'a like - the Kagans! - can feel comfortable murdering Palestinians and stealing their land & water there.  Because, you see, "Everyone has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements because everything we take now will stay ours...Everything we don't grab will go to them," as the really, Really, REALLY Big 'A' used to say.

Behavior Problems

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/19/2015

Robert Parry is the best U.S. foreign correspondent you can read.  Our rulers just hate his reporting.  They're afraid of him because he's always right.  About everything.  Parry started out at the Associated Press by breaking the Iran-Contra scandal for which both Daddy Bush and Reagan should have been impeached and jailed.  Instead, he got canned from the AP, then Newsweek, then PBS and now writes for Consortium News where truth is the bottom-line.  President Barry and his staff and the rest of DC that counts read Consortium News.  Parry's article this week sent SecDef Ashton Carter off to Saudi Israelia and environs today for talks on "security".
There is a madness in how the mainstream U.S. media presents the world to the American people, a delusional perspective that arguably creates an existential threat to humanity’s survival ...

In this American land of make-believe, Iran is assailed as the chief instigator of instability in the Middle East. Yet, any sane and informed person would dispute that assessment, noting the far greater contributions made by Israel, Saudi Arabia and, indeed, the United States.

Israel’s belligerence, including frequently attacking its Arab neighbors and brutally repressing the Palestinians, has roiled the region for almost 70 years. Not to mention that Israel is a rogue nuclear state that has been hiding a sophisticated atomic-bomb arsenal.

An objective observer also would note that Saudi Arabia has been investing its oil wealth for generations to advance the fundamentalist Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam, which has inspired terrorist groups from Al Qaeda to the Islamic State. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were identified as Saudis and the U.S. government is still concealing those 28 pages of the congressional 9/11 inquiry regarding Saudi financing of Al Qaeda terrorists ...

Who's the Real Terrorist Here?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/18/2015

Our rulers' media is filled with blanket statements of fear & terror these days due to the Iran Nuclear deal.  They all boil-down to Iran being THE "foremost state sponsor of international terror"! and the effects of it obtaining the $150 billion in assets, its own money BTW, that have been withheld from Iranians in our rulers' banks, making NO interest BTW, for many years by sanctions.  But when it comes to International terror, nuclear weapons are required and Iran doesn't have any.  Iran has never tried, despite the lies Netanyahu has been spreading for 25-years, to actually fabricate a nuclear weapon.  The ONLY country in the Middle East capable of International terror with nuclear weapons is, of course, Israel.  And the ONLY country in the world that has ever, blatantly, threatened the rest of the world with nuclear terror is - Israel.  Here's what eminent, Israeli military strategist Martin van Kreveld actually said when describing Israel's official strategy of massive retaliation, against the entire world, with nuclear weapons called Operation Sampson:
We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.' I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.
Got that?  The "mad dog" Israel's official policy?  Clearly stated by a high-ranking official?  It will take down the entire world, nuclear-winter style - if it feels like it.  If that isn't terrorism; then what is it?

Judgie Likes Blow

Posted by Administrator on 7/17/2015

This is Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Paul Pozonsky who specializes in drug-related cases and drug addiction re-hab disciplines.
A western Pennsylvania judge has been sentenced to 30 days to 23½ months in jail for stealing cocaine from evidence he ordered to have kept in his chambers instead of in police custody ...

Pozonsky served 28 years on the bench, first as a district judge in Cecil Township ... Pozonsky helped establish that county's first drug court, designed to mete out special sentences for people whose crimes — like Pozonsky's — were fueled by addiction ...

Pozonsky, who called himself a "broken man" and begged for mercy, had hoped for a probation-only sentence given his lack of a criminal record, the loss of his pension and other personal hardships stemming from his conviction ...

Pozonsky will most likely be paroled after the 30-day minimum.
You know who WON'T be paroled "after the 30-day minimum"?

Why Doesn't Iran Just Love Us?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/16/2015

Mohammad Mosaddegh was the democratically-elected Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953, when his government was violently overthrown in a coup d'état orchestrated by the Amerikan Central Intelligence Agency.  He was Time Magazine's Man-of-the-Year for 1951 and the article that accompanied that spurious decoration displayed a Western bigotry that was as ignorant as it was just mean.  Read it for yourself; it is unbelievably racist, repugnant and stupid.  Mossadegh had to go because he was an Iranian leader who had introduced progressive social and political reforms such as social security, rent control, and land reforms.  And, much to the chagrin of the West, he was NOT a Communist.  His new plan, specifically designed to put the welfare of the Iranian people first, would be financed by the Iranian oil British and American companies had been stealing for 43-years.  Mossadegh proposed a penny-per-barrel tax on the oil being sucked out of Iranian ground to engorge fat American & British 1-Percenters.  But this was unacceptable to white supremacists.  Paying a penny to brown savages so they could educate their children and fund health services & retirement?  Mossadegh was deposed, tried and thrown into a solitary-confinement dungeon for 3-years.  His response: "The verdict of this court has increased my historical glories. I am extremely grateful you convicted me. Truly tonight the Iranian nation understood the meaning of constitutionalism."  He died in prison, 14-years later in 1967.

Mosaddegh was replaced by a brutal and totally Western-compliant little punk name of Reza Pahlavi, who was declared Shah of Iran by his Amerikan handlers.

More Bullshit Exposed

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/15/2015

Remember the fake "James Foley Beheading" video from last August, 2014?  Our rulers filled their media with the scary, black Arab supposedly cutting off the head of the poor, American white-boy, a "journalist" named James Foley.  The above animated .gif, from a video recently stolen from the tablet of one of John McCain's staffers while he was in the Ukraine last month, gives you two, synched perspectives on our rulers' bullshit.
The 3 ½ minute silent video appears to show infamous Islamic State executioner Jihadi John (aka Mohammed Emwazi) in front of a giant green screen, standing beside a kneeling hostage wearing an orange jumpsuit and a green screen hood. They are inside a lit studio with a production crew and can be seen rehearsing an “execution”. The desert scene of the set, complete with wind machine, are similar to that shown in the beheading videos of James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and Alan Henning.

British forensic experts concluded that the James Foley video was likely staged using “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques.”

Shit-&-Yahu and the Billionaires

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/14/2015

The only persons the Iran Nuclear Deal will hurt now are Benjamin Netanyahu (born Mileikowsky), who has literally made his career by shouting the phony claim that Iran is building an atom bomb for the last 25-years, and the weapons-producing billionaires, and their ReePub bitches, who profit from the wars-4-Israel.  For the rest of us, this deal means the beginning of war de-escalation in the Middle East, which will lead to more prosperity and a redirection of world resources toward infrastructure and real problems like Climate Change.  Of course the East Europeans pouring into Palestine, displacing the people there and stealing their land & water, on the U.S. taxpayers' dime, don't like this deal because the disquiet and resulting wars in the Middle East will no longer provide cover for their larceny.  It is ironic that Netanyahu tried to impose the pre-condition that Iran must recognize Israel on the deal.  Iran President Rouhani pointed out that this was not possible - not because of Iran.  Not at all.  NO country can recognize Israel for the simple reason that it has steadfastly REFUSED to DEFINE its borders since its inception in 1948.  How does one recognize a country with no defined borders?  Any country neighboring Israel faces the dilemma of eventually finding its territory stolen (see: territories, occupying) and then told that since it has already recognized Israel, it must accept any borders that Israel wants to impose.  A cursory glance at the Oded Yinon Plan reveals the real goal of this specious pre-condition always imposed on every single treaty proposal - A giant Israel that stretches from the Nile Valley in the West to the Euphrates River in the East, to the tip of the Persian Gulf in the South.

Blues and the Abstract Truth

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/13/2015

Comic-Con is an annual convention held in San Diego during the summer where over 100,000 comic-book and super-hero enthusiasts gather, some dressed up as their favorite characters, a behavior called cosplay (costume play), and co-mingle with other fans of science-fiction pop-art.  Actors and producers of super-hero movies typically promote their latest films there.  One of them, Joss Whedon, a writer-director of the super-successful Avengers series let some Abstract Truth slip out at a seminar there on Saturday:
Here at San Diego Comic Con, the creator of Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse, and the director of two Avengers movies, just told us the nature and purpose of existence ...

So during Joss Whedon’s big one-man show panel here at Comic Con, a fan dressed in a Jayne hat and a Sunnydale T-shirt asked what was the meaning of life, what was the nature of reality, and how we could be sane and happy in the world. And Whedon responded:

You think I’m not going to, but I’m going to answer that. The world is a random and meaningless terrifying place and then we all—spoiler alert—die. Most critters are designed not to know that. We are designed, uniquely, to transcend that, and to understand that—I can quote myself—a thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.”

The Trumpsters Explain

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/12/2015
http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/joshua_green/trump-pirate-arggg.JPGOur rulers' media is trying to come up with all sorts other excuses for Donny Tee's popularity with the racist, wacko ReePub base they helped create.  They have to come up with some reason the ReePubs like him other than, "He's gonna kick the brown people out of 'our' country".  Vox.com, a 'News' website made up of mostly fake-liberal propagandists who ALL loudly & enthusiastically endorsed the Iraq War-4-Israel for their AIPAC overlords, is working hard on this problem so that Hillary will have an easily beatable chump to run against.  So they're printing 'thoughtful' e-mails from the racists who support Donny Tee, trying to mine some fake reason, logic - a little sympathy? - from the bigoted blatherings of these buffoons:
  • Wish I knew how to get an email addy to Mr. Trump so as to tell Mr. Trump, "a little more diplomatic please re: speaking about the illegals, nonetheless, you are RIGHT ON!

Sewn Up

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/11/2015

Sheldon Adelson, the old fart in the above video threatening to nuke the kids off his lawn, is a "one-issue guy" and the largest, and most right-wing, of the ReePub political donors.  When Shelly joins forces with Haim Saban, the other one-issue guy on the Democratic side, with absolutely no limit on how much they can spend and control media in the next Presidential election?  It's over:
Hillary Clinton expressed her alarm last week over the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement (BDS), and said countering it was a priority that stretches "across party lines," vowing to always "stand up for Israel" if (when) she becomes president.

In a July 2 letter sent to Israeli-American businessman Haim Saban – a major donor and fundraiser for Clinton – she stressed the need to counter the BDS campaign "with information and advocacy" and to "fight back against further attempts to delegitimize Israel."

In the letter, the former secretary of state asked Saban for his advice "on how leaders and communities across America can work together to counter BDS."

Clinton also said she was concerned by "attempts to compare Israel to South African apartheid" ...

Last month, Saban and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson hosted a summit in Las Vegas that brought together representatives from various Jewish organizations to discuss ways of countering BDS.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/10/2015

The United Snakes has landed an entire brigade, the 173rd Paratroopers, in the Ukraine thus providing the proverbial Boots-on-the-Ground our rulers' media is constantly clamoring for to show that Amerika is 'Serious!' about yet another undeclared, unnecessary war that does NOT improve the security of our country by even a molecule.  But the media is still curiously silent about this brave invasion - possibly because the Ukrainians these troops are going to Freedom Bomb™ are white and, thus, not acceptable for typical, racist war-mongering & propaganda?  Or maybe because the Azov Battalion our soldier-boyz are going to train has a rather inconvenient constituency for the FoxyNews to sell?
Ukraine’s post-coup regime is now melding neo-Nazi storm troopers with Islamic militants – called “brothers” of the hyper-violent Islamic State – stirring up a hellish “death squad” brew to kill ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine ...

In a curiously upbeat account, The New York Times reports that Islamic militants have joined with Ukraine’s far-right and neo-Nazi battalions to fight ... It appears that no combination of violent extremists is too wretched to celebrate as long as they’re killing Russ-kies.

The article by Andrew E. Kramer reports that there are now three Islamic battalions “deployed to the hottest zones” ... One of the battalions is headed by a former Chechen warlord who goes by the name “Muslim,” Kramer wrote, adding: “The Chechen commands the Sheikh Mansur group ... It is subordinate to the nationalist Right Sector ... formed during last year’s street protests in Kiev from a half-dozen fringe Ukrainian nationalist groups like White Hammer ...

“Another, the Azov group, is openly neo-Nazi, using the ‘Wolf’s Hook’ symbol associated with the [Nazi] SS. Without addressing the issue of the Nazi symbol, the Chechen said he got along well with the nationalists" ...

$13 Billion Worth of Stupidity

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/9/2015

This is a Chinese J-10 Vigorous Dragon multi-role fighter armed with a YJ-12 anti-ship cruise missile, capable of speeds surpassing mach 3 (about 2,200 mph).  A few J-10s so-equipped could remove any ship, no matter what defenses it carried, from the surface of the ocean in a few minutes during naval battle.  Especially a target as big and clumsy and slow as the United Snakes newest and most expensive ship, the Ford-class aircraft carrier.
The US Navy is less than a year away from adding the most expensive warship in history to its fleet, the $13 billion USS Gerald Ford.

The USS Ford, the lead ship of the new Ford-class aircraft-carrier series, is expected to join the US Navy by February 2016 ...

The Ford ... is intended to relieve stress and overdeployment ... Currently, the Navy operates 10 carriers but wants an additional vessel to take pressure off of the rest of the fleet ...

The Ford is expected to carry F-35s and, once available, carrier-based drone aircraft.

But for all the advances within the Ford-class carrier group, some have questioned the wisdom of continuing an astronomically expensive carrier-heavy naval strategy in a time when interstate warfare is rare and nations like China continue to develop potentially carrier-killing long-range antiship cruise missiles.
The stupidity of wasting $13-Billion on a floating target is hard to top.

Failing Upwards - Very QUIETLY

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 7/8/2015

The stooge posing with L'il Bushie pictured above is Mikhail "Sack" Saakashvili.  He was President of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia from 2004-to-2012.  Sack engineered a fake coup back in 2008 so that borderline-senile John McCain could utter the stupidest campaign slogan ever: "Today we are all Georgians", that no one understood nor gave-a-shit about.  Sack left office in 2012 and soon skipped out of the country when his grotesque human rights abuses at Gldani Prison were revealed and right ahead of an indictment for embezzlement.  He's been living at his uncle's place in Brooklyn until recently when the U.S. State Dept. got him a job in its fake Ukraine 'government' by promising U.S. taxpayer funds to pay his and his cronies' salaries there.
The US government will pay the salaries to the staff of Georgia’s former President Mikhail Saakashvili, who is now serving as a new governor of Odessa Region, Ukraine ...

“Within the framework of Odessa’s anti-corruption pressure, the US government agreed to provide funds for the salaries of the new team of [Mikhail] Saakashvili,” [said] Geoffrey Pyatt, the US Ambassador to Ukraine.

He added that American police officers from California “will train new Odessa police.”

Pyatt has repeatedly voiced his support for Saakashvili. Earlier in July he said that Washington “fully supports Mikheil Saakashvili and his team, and we will do everything so that they can succeed.”

US authorities have recently been sending other instructors to train local forces in Ukraine. In April, paratroopers of the US 173rd Airborne Brigade, based in Vicenza, Italy, arrived in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov to provide training for Ukrainian government troops ...

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