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Escape To Israel

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/28/2015

Grady told you back in March 2014 that the 320-million-dollars that our lickspittle Congress unanimously approved, in Senate Bill S.2124, to pay off The Ukraine's Russian Gazprom bill would be disappeared by the "Hard Men" and their oligarch leadersAnd it was!  The gas bill wasn't paid.  Now the guy who supervised the theft of those 320-million American taxpayers' foreign-aid dollars, Ukrainian Energy Minister Eduard Stavitsky, is safely ensconced, with complete citizenship and immunity from extradition in - where else - Israel!
Israel welcomed with open arms two Ukrainian oligarchs wanted by Interpol for serious crimes.  The suspects, Yuri Borisov and Eduard Stavitsky, are suspected of embezzlement and money-laundering in Ukraine.  They flew into Ben Gurion airport and received Israeli entry visas ...

They were granted citizenship despite the fact that one of them isn’t Jewish and both are wanted fugitives and suspected criminals ...

The United States had asked Interpol to apprehend Borisov, former CEO of a Ukrainian oil company, on suspicion that he embezzled at least $40-million ... in U.S. foreign aid intended for Ukraine ...

The second Ukrainian oligarch, Eduard Stavitsky, arrived a few months ago and is still residing in Herzliya.  He is a former Ukrainian energy minister.  As he was fleeing, Ukrainian police raided his home, where they allegedly found $4.5-million in cash, millions in luxury watches, and kilograms of gold bullion.  Stavitsky earned Israeli citizenship even though he is Christian, not Jewish.
Grady's betting that both of these thugs are tied directly to Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman - that's how they got the instant visas and citizenship - probably for the large campaign donations before the upcoming March elections to his Yisrael Beiteinu Party that accompanied their 'repatriation'.

Quack, Quack!

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/27/2015

This is Mehmet C. Oz, a one-time cardiothoracic surgeon who weaseled his way onto the Tee-vee through Oprah Winfrey and now hosts the "Dr. Oz Show" where he dispenses advice on "magic pills" and "miracle cures".  Our rulers have allowed this snake-oil salesman to pitch phony weight-loss and anti-aging programs with impunity for over 10-years.  But the ineffective "Green Coffee Bean" weight-loss extract has finally brought some legitimate medical research scrutiny to this grifter's scam when he partnered with another grifter-par-excellence, "Doctor" Lindsey Duncan.
A federal agency that protects consumers has gone after a guest on the Dr. Oz Show for false and misleading marketing practices, leading to a $9-million settlement yesterday.

Documents filed by Federal Trade Commission lawyers reveal an elaborate scam by Lindsey Duncan — a Dr. Oz guest and supposed nutrition expert — to  hawk weight-loss aids, including green coffee bean supplements, in which he had a financial stake.

The FTC complaint offers a behind-the-scenes look at the anatomy of a Dr. Oz Show appearance. The details may seem stranger than fiction, but they’re all fact, and should make you think twice about the health advice featured on the program ...

Duncan is an interesting character. A naturopathic doctor and "celebrity nutritionist," he refers to himself as "one of the world’s leading experts on superfoods, herbal medicine, natural remedies and natural health."

He's also an old-fashioned snake-oil salesman. He uses the honorific "Dr.," regularly dons lab coats, and talks up his clinical experience to sell his unproven nutrition products ...

Still, for the Dr. Oz Show producers, he was a suitable nutrition authority. "We are working on a segment about the weight loss benefits of green coffee bean," a Dr. Oz producer wrote, "and I was hoping that Lindsey Duncan might be available to be our expert. Has he studied green coffee bean at all? Would he be able to talk about how it works?"

Word Salad

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/26/2015

Our rulers' fake 'liberal' media voice is Thomas Friedman in the New York Times.  Friedman is not liberal at all, as evidenced by his stupid, puerile comment, "Suck on this!" in the above clip about the reason for the phony Iraq War-4-Israel that he enthusiastically supported.  Friedman likes to write silly columns of middlebrow horseshit in which he accuses any foreign adversary that reacts to U.S. brutality and aggression, in any way - even to protect itself and its people, as insane with idiotic bromides that he thinks answer "the big question" - phrases like "Nobody washes a rent-a-car" and "My God, he's telling me the world is flat!".  Really stupid and childish stuff.  He's an idiot and a right-wing asshole in 'liberal' disguise.

Yesterday, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Friedman sat on a panel along with Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and musician will.i.am of the Black-Eyed Peas and said this:
"The Arab Spring is failing not for lack of bandwidth, but for lack of human understanding that can only be forged when someone is 15-minutes-late for breakfast and you say, 'Thank you for being late'."
I defy anyone to explain what-the-fuck he means by any of that nonsense and what it has to do with the "Arab Spring".

Book Full of Celebrity Pedophiles

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/25/2015

The list of potential celebrity pedophiles grows longer now that convicted child-molester Jeffrey Epstein's address book has been released.
Donald Trump, Courtney Love, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and uber-lawyer Alan Dershowitz may have been identified by a butler as potential "material witnesses" to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's crimes against young girls, according to a copy of Epstein's little black book ...

An annotated copy of the address book, which also contains entries for Alec Baldwin, Ralph Fiennes, Griffin Dunne, New York Post gossip Richard Johnson, Ted Kennedy, David Koch (of the infamous Koch Brothers), filmmaker Andrew Jarecki ... turned up in court proceedings after Epstein's former house manager Alfredo Rodriguez tried to sell it in 2009 ...

According to an FBI affidavit, Rodriguez described the address book and the information contained within it as the "Holy Grail" or "Golden Nugget" to unraveling Epstein's sprawling child-sex network.
Dershowitz is all over our rulers' Tee-vee, in their most prime spots, begging listeners to stop believing their lying eyes.  The revealing thing here is that the "Today Show", or any of the other Tee-vee venues that Dershowitz has carte-blanche access to, won't even allow the other side to respond.

Good Riddance

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/24/2015

This is Saudi Arabian king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and some of his wives.  He was a greedy psychopath and he's dead and that's good.  One less royal asshole in the world.  Our rulers' media and puppet officials just can't grovel enough honoring this jerk-off in order to curry favor with Abdullah's half-brother, Salman, who has taken over as king and will be just as horrible a ruler.  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry proclaimed: "This is a sad day. The United States has lost a friend, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and the world has lost a revered leader. King Abdullah was a man of wisdom and vision."  Yeah.  Wisdom and vision, alright.  Check out this video of a woman, Lalia Basim, being beheaded, with a sword, in public, without any anesthetic whatsoever, by these psychopaths in a parking lot next to their Mecca mosque last Monday.  This was the TENTH officially-sanctioned beheading in Saudi Arabia of 2015 and we're not even through January yet!  There were 87 of these barbaric, public executions last year but our 'news' media did not report even one of them.  But of course if some group Saudi Israelia doesn't like beheads a person (even when it's probably fake), our media is filled with shouts of outrage.  The hypocrisy is present, active and continuing when it comes to Saudis and their Israeli partners.

More ...

Ridin' Jeffrey's Sex Jet

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/23/2015

The "Lolita Express" flight logs for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's private jet have finally surfaced and Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and their famous pals have some 'splainin' to do.
Bill Clinton took repeated trips on the "Lolita Express"—the private passenger jet owned by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — with an actress in softcore porn movies whose name appears in Epstein's address book under an entry for "massages," according to flight logbooks ... published today for the first time. The logs also show that Clinton shared more than a dozen flights with a woman who federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends and acted as a "potential co-conspirator" in his crimes.

Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 in Florida to one count of soliciting underage girls for sex (and one count of adult solicitation), for which he served just over a year in county jail ...

[O]ne of his victims, Virginia Roberts, claimed in a federal court filing that Epstein recruited her as a "sex slave" at the age of 15 and "sexually trafficked [her] to politically-connected and financially-powerful people," including Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz. (The latter, the filing claimed, had sex with the victim "on private planes") ...

The logs also cast doubt on public statements made by Dershowitz, who has been vigorously downplaying his relationship with Epstein since Roberts levied her accusations against him ...

But according to the flight logs, Dershowitz was close enough to Epstein to have accompanied him on a flight from Palm Beach to New Jersey's Teterboro Airport as early as December 1997. On that flight, the pair was accompanied by a number of people, including one unidentified "female," a "Hazel," a "Claire," and Maxwell.

The logs also show Dershowitz on a flight with Epstein from Bedford, Mass., to Teterboro in October 1998, and a flight from Teterboro to Martha's Vineyard in 1999. And a 2005 trip from Massachusetts to Montreal shows him traveling with Epstein, "Tatianna," and others.

One things the logs don't show: Dershowitz's wife traveling with him ...

"No-Go" Horseshit

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/22/2015

Here is Louisiana Governor Piyush (Bobby) Jindal sounding/looking the fool, trying to describe the phony "No-Go Zone" propaganda trope to a British correspondent who knows better.  FoxNews, the ReePubs and their Israeli rulers have a put a lot of air-time into this new "No-Go Zone" scare tactic propaganda.  It joins the long list of other racist nonsense, like the "Knock-Out Game" (one actual reported incident but no indictment) and the "New Black Panther Party" (5 actual 'members') in the pantheon of horseshit designed to scare old, white people and thus give cover for politicians trying to start more, new, phony Wars-4-Israel - like in Syria & Iran.

The bullshit about "No-Go Zones" got so thick & stinky that FoxNews had to apologize and retract this "No-Go" crap.  Of course, Grady knew this whole "No-Go Zone" thing was bullshit from the start since he is a partner in a small pub in Aix-en-Provence near Marseille in the South of France and spends a lot of time there - just a stone's throw across the Mediterranean from the Muslim hordes in Algeria.

Gun Fairies Can't Remember

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/21/2015

Ever since June, 1967, when Israel used an unlawful invasion and attack on U.S. Sailors aboard the USS Liberty as a pretext to steal land & water in Palestine, the rest of us have been stuck with airport security that's akin to being processed into prison.  We all have to endure this so that hoards of East Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", can continue stealing land & water as they pour into Palestine for their free ride - that the rest of us pay for.  Most gun fairies support this policy, because?  Racism and The Rapture.  So maybe that's why they are forgetting about their little-friend more & more as they drag their vigilante fantasy along to the airport?
[I]ncreasingly, screeners for the Transportation Security Administration are detaining travelers for more than their toiletries or electronics. Gun confiscations at checkpoints have been on the rise, reaching approximately 2,200 last year, the agency reported, a 20 percent increase over the previous year and 230 percent more than in 2005. A vast majority of the weapons were loaded and had bullets in the chamber ...

[A]viation security experts say it’s an exasperating trend resulting primarily from more people legally carrying concealed handguns for self-protection ...

“I carry my firearm on my hip because that’s where it does me the most good if I need it,” said Jerry Henry, executive director of Georgia Carry, a gun rights lobbying group that was instrumental in the passage of a law last year that expanded where guns could be carried in the state, including bars, churches, government buildings and yes, airports.

Georgia’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta was No. 2 on the T.S.A.’s top 10 airports for guns seized last year at security checkpoints, beyond which firearms are not allowed regardless of local laws.

No. 1 was Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, another gun-friendly state ...

Poor Little Rich Kid

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/20/2015

Between fables about Weapons-of-Mass-Bullshit and Migs-4-Nicaragua! the New York Times likes to squeeze in stories of the poor, because they're not-absurdly-rich, folks of Manhattan and Wall St.  These banal yarns follow a familiar narrative arc.  Rich people send their kids to best schools, then blah-blah-blah ... kid can't get a job.  But this time the spoiled, over-privileged kid who graduated from Princeton 5-years-ago and was still livin' off the parents - shot his daddy.
They were alike in many ways, Thomas Strong Gilbert Sr. and the son to whom he gave his name and who, prosecutors say, would eventually kill him.

Graduates of elite boarding schools and Princeton University, the two men were handsome, gifted athletes who — on the surface at least — seemed to be navigating the exclusive glide path of wealth, social position and success that has long defined life inside America’s upper crust.

All this exploded, however, when, the police said, Thomas S. Gilbert Jr., 30, marched into his parents’ apartment this month and shot his father in the head — after asking his mother to run out and get him a sandwich and a soda.

Can't Even Mention It

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/19/2015

Our rulers like to refer to their principal bullshit outlet, the New York Times, as the nation's "newspaper of record".  This way they can drop their propaganda, unfiltered, from the Times directly into the media watering can where it can rain on the rest of the nation, setting the meme for all of the other little local outlets and Tee-vee 'news' stations.  Rule Number One of this meme is that Israel is revered as the shining victim of the world and beacon of democracy in the Middle East - no criticism, or even the remotest inference of 'Free Speech!' criticism is ever allowed.  So when The Israel Lobby tried to wreck the current nuclear negotiations with Iran yet again so it could get another useless, phony & ridiculously expensive war-4-Israel, the word "Israel" was not even allowed to be used in the Times article reporting it!
President Obama touched on the power of the Israel lobby yesterday in a meeting with Democratic senators, but in its report on the meeting, The New York Times did a magic trick: it never used the word Israel.

Obama met for two hours with a group of Democratic senators in Baltimore and pleaded with them not to apply more sanctions to Iran now that negotiations are underway. He got an argument from Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey.
According to one of the senators and another person who was present, the president urged lawmakers to stop pursuing sanctions, saying such a move would undermine his authority and could derail the talks. Mr. Obama also said that such a provocative action could lead international observers to blame the Americans, rather than the Iranians, if the talks collapsed before the June 30 deadline.

The president said he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others, but he urged the lawmakers to take the long view rather than make a move for short-term political gain, according to the senator. Mr. Menendez, who was seated at a table in front of the podium, stood up and said he took “personal offense.”
The Israel lobby controls U.S. Senators like Menendez not only with donations but also by using information it gleans from 'contributors' to drop stories in compliant media that often cause Justice Dept. investigations, like the one ongoing about fugitive Ecuadorian banksters - and Menendez.

The Open Carry Gun Fairies Want MORE

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/18/2015

Our rulers' super PACs mostly use just good ol' fashioned racism when they troll Koch Party Tea Poopers for votes, but there's also a small block of open carry gun fairies who can be relied upon to tie their own shoes and show up at the voting booths on election day.  There is only one issue with these slobs: carrying their guns around, on display, in the hopes that some female may think that's cool and just might even talk to them some day. (Never happen) There's also the Walter Mitty prospect about the vigilante fantasy they have in their little noggins about a shoot out at the mall or something in which the hundreds of bullets that they fire from their over-sized magazines only find bad guys.  Certainly no innocent women or children.  State Senate politicians who cater to these fruitcakes are passing ridiculous "open carry" laws in states like Texas to placate them, making public areas, even bars, cocktail lounges and libraries, much more dangerous for the rest of us.  Well, the monster they created wants even more - they want to open carry in government buildings, including the State Capitol Building.  No more security check-points or metal-scanners for you, Congress-boy.
AUSTIN — Activists armed with rifles descended on the Capitol on Tuesday to bolster support for a bill that would allow unlicensed open carrying of handguns.

Inside the Capitol, some advocates reportedly heckled representatives who declined to support the idea ...

Heaven Is Good Business

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/17/2015

Amerikans who believe in fairies, angels & demons can be sold just about anything as long as it raises their level of false hope sufficiently past their despair factor.  That's why Christian book publishers have done such a bang-up business in the last decade or so with books describing heaven, ostensibly 'written' by little children who have had near-death experiences.  One of these best-sellers is being pulled from the shelves because its supposed co-author has finally gotten old enough to realize he was used in the most cynical and immoral manner imaginable - by his own father.
A bestselling Christian book that claims to detail a boy's trip to heaven and his return to Earth is being pulled from stores after one of its co-authors admitted he made the whole thing up.

The 2010 memoir, "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven," was written by Alex Malarkey and his father, Kevin Malarkey, a Christian therapist in Ohio.

In 2004, when Alex was 6, the two were badly injured in an automobile accident. Alex ended up in a coma for two months, and the book claims to tell the story of his trips to heaven during that time.

Malarkey described a heaven with a "hole in outer heaven" that goes to hell. He detailed his conversations with Jesus Christ and meetings with the devil, who at one point blamed him for the accident.

But on Tuesday, the boy, who was left a quadriplegic in the accident, took it all back ...

"I did not die. I did not go to Heaven," Alex wrote in the open letter, adding:

"I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible. People have profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible."
The only problem with Alex Malarkey's realization that his father used him in a scam to grift money from naïve chumps is that his enlightenment didn't go quite far enough.

Poor Little Rich Boyz

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/16/2015

About 3-years-ago, when the world's economy was really sucking because of the 'austerity' programs implemented by our rulers (so they could save money for more Wars-4-Israel), the banksters decided to put a cap on the Swiss franc (a 'paper-gold' currency that's really just a standard for controlling the euro and, by extension, the dollar).  On 6 September 2011 the Swiss Franc was officially frozen at 1.20 francs to the euro.  Investors who had savings accounts in Swiss banks began losing money as the interest rates on these accounts went negative - instead of making interest, they were losing interest.  So these investors had to pull their Swiss francs out of these safe accounts, change them into euros or dollars and then bet them on something, like a "derivative", in the world casino.  The brilliant hedge fund managers, the off-spring of our rulers, began 'shorting' the Swiss franc on currency derivatives (betting that it would go down because, of course, they knew it would go down because their Daddies had capped it) and made mad PROFITZ! for their wealthy (and clueless) clients on their piles of inherited-wealth dollars & euros.  Then the absurd commissions the hedge fund managers made on these gigantic derivative trades funded PACs like "Americans 4 Freedoms & Good Stuff, LLC" to buy politicians so that there would be no laws, indictments or consequences for this obvious insider-trading & price-fixing activity.  The 1% wins, and the rest of us lose, big-time, as the inflation climbs and our salaries remain frozen, like the Swiss franc.  Well, the really, Really, REALLY big bosses, our absolute rulers, decided to UN-cap the Swiss franc yesterday and the excrement-hit-the-air-conditioning:
NEW YORK/LONDON (Reuters) - Currency speculators and global macro hedge funds with large short positions in the Swiss franc are staring massive losses in the face after the Swiss National Bank shocked markets on Thursday by removing a three-year-old cap on the currency.

ReePub Men Don't Respect Women

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/15/2015

The Pew Research Center has a new poll that confirms that men, mostly white, ReePub men, don't like women in leadership positions in our society.
[W]hy ... are women in short supply at the top of government and business in the United States?

[A]bout four-in-ten Americans point to a double standard for women seeking to climb to the highest levels of either politics or business, where they have to do more than their male counterparts to prove themselves. Similar shares say the electorate and corporate America are just not ready to put more women in top leadership positions.

When it comes to political leadership, Democrats are significantly more likely than Republicans to say that women do a better job than men on each of the attributes tested in the poll ...

Among partisans, Republican men are the most likely to say the country has taken the steps needed to achieve gender equality in the workplace. About half of Republican men (54%) say the country has made the changes needed to give men and women equality in the workplace. By contrast about two-thirds (66%) of Republican women say more changes are needed. Even larger majorities of Democratic and independent women and Democratic men agree that gender parity is still a work in progress.
Our rulers' media loves to insinuate that there is NO difference, in real policy terms, between the two political parties.

First Amendement Amended

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/14/2015

Along with the complete bullshit story about what actually happened at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris last Wednesday, our rulers have passed a new modification to the First Amendment about Free Speech:
'Free speech' is speech which advances the interests of the rich and powerful.  'Hate speech' is speech which undermines the interests of the rich and powerful.  Anyone caught saying/writing/publishing anything that undermines the interests of the ruling elite & the banksters will be convicted, without trial, of 'hate speech'. 
You will be incarcerated in Guantanamo without charges defined, rights, nor access to counsel because someone (they can't tell you 'who'), told them something (they can't tell you 'what').  Simple.  So as our rulers' propaganda minister Ari Fleischer once warned: "All Americans ... need to watch what they say, watch what they do."

Hey, Ari?  You know what Freak Flag says to your new, revised, "I am Charlie" warning?  Go fuck yourself.

Thank you very much.


Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/13/2015

Dick Cheney lives in a world where he can torture any one he wants and brag about it.  Along with his own cowardice as a 5-time draft dodger who has personally benefited with millions from Halliburton's military contracts, this makes him a truly despicable war criminal and punk.  So the world feels a little better when some brave souls breach Cheney's security barrier, if only by a tiny little bit, and make his world very slightly, but nonetheless more, uncomfortable.
 Two demonstrators protesting the Guantanamo Bay detention camp outside former Vice President Dick Cheney’s house in Virginia were cuffed Saturday morning on trespassing charges..

Eve Tetaz, an 83-year-old serial protester, was among those arrested by Fairfax County Police for the anti-torture stunt marking 13 years since the military prison opened.

She and Tighe Barry, 57, members of protest group Code Pink, also face charges of disorderly conduct after they entered Cheney’s suburban McLean property and refused to leave, police said.
We can only hope that Cheney lives long enough to see the fascist United Snakes that he and the Reaganites created crumble.

No One Could Ever Have Predicted

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/12/2015

The guy who stalked and murdered an unarmed kid because he was black and he doesn't like black people, George Zimmerman, is in trouble with the law again.
Florida authorities say George Zimmerman, whose acquittal of murdering an unarmed black teen sparked a national debate on race and self-defense laws, has been arrested for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office says the 31-year-old Zimmerman was arrested for aggravated assault at his home in Lake Mary about 10 p.m. Friday.

Zimmerman was released on a $5,000 bond Saturday afternoon. At a court appearance earlier Saturday, he was ordered to avoid contact with the woman, who was not identified ...

Although the incident didn't involve a firearm, the judge ordered Zimmerman to surrender any weapons out of an abundance of caution.
Grady's currently got the over/under on number-of-days before Zimmerman actually shoots this girl - at 10.

Place your bets, folks.

Bullies For Jesus

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/11/2015

Our rulers' media is so filled with Muslim atrocity-speak right now that, for balance, here's your typical, Amerikan, Baptist, evangelical preacher, fellow name of Eric Dammann, describing how he handled a "bright kid" at a Christian youth camp where he was a counselor.
"There was a young man in Calgary, named Ben ... He was a bright kid, which didn't help things, right?  Made him more dangerous.  We were outside one day at youth group.  He was trying to push my buttons.  You know, not taking the Lord serious.  And I walked over to him and I went - BAM!  I punched him in the chest as hard as I ... I crumpled the kid ... And I said: 'Ben, when you gonna stop playin' games with God?'  I led that man to the Lord, right there."
Yeah, see, if an intelligent child decides he's not buying the bullshit you're slinging about an invisible, super, sky-dictator, for whom there's absolutely no physical evidence, whatsoever, in his life - you just beat him up until he tells you he believes.

Yeah.  That sounds about right.

Eric Dammann

One of Our Rulers Is Really Pissed Off

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/10/2015

This is a video that appeared about a year-and-a-half ago of disgraced ex-General David Petraeus, walking to his then-new job as a visiting professor at the City College of New York.  Petraeus had fallen from the very tippy-top of the pile of right-wing Presidential hopefuls and friends-of-Israel when he testified before Congress on March 16, 2010, that U.S. interests and Israeli interests were not identical; that Israel was a strategic burden, not an asset, to the United States; and Israeli policies endangered the lives of our troops.  Soon afterwards, Petraeus was caught in a three-way love-triangle, banging Paula Broadwell, not socialite Jill Kelley nor his wife Holly.  There was an immediate resignation, without any sort of defense, from his post as CIA Director and he ultimately ended up as a 'non-resident senior fellow' at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, which is convenient way to funnel him a small paycheck in a meaningless position where he could disappear and keep his mouth shut.  But for someone in our rulers' coterie of Israel-first, right-wing wankers that wasn't enough, which is why Petraeus was ambushed on his way to work on his first day at CUNY.  Make no mistake, this was a targeted, public humiliation & punishment and Petraeus obliged and probably thought his censure was complete.  Not so fast, Dave.
The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against David H. Petraeus, contending that he provided classified information to a lover while he was director of the C.I.A., officials said, and leaving Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to decide whether to seek an indictment that could send the pre-eminent military officer of his generation to prison ...

Mr. Petraeus ... has indicated to the Justice Department that he has no interest in a plea deal that would spare him an embarrassing trial ...

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked by reporters in December why it was taking so long, said: “I can’t say. I mean, I guess I could say, but I won’t say.”
This is some heavy hardball Petraeus and the Israel Lobby are playing here.

Which Speech Gets to Be Free?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/9/2015

This cartoon ran in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper during Israel's relentless bombing of Gaza back in July 2014.
Mike Carlton, 68, Australia’s veteran journalist and author, has resigned after his employer Sydney Morning Herald suspended him under pressure from country’s powerful Jewish Lobby.

Australian Jewish groups had slammed the newspaper over Carlton’s July 26 column in which he accused the Zionist entity of “waging its own war of terror on the entire Gaza population”. The column was accompanied by a cartoon (shown above), which was widely condemned as “anti-Jew” by leaders of country’s organized Jewry which also threatened to take legal action against the newspaper under country’s “Hate Law”.

Initially, the newspaper defended the cartoon, explaining that Le Lievre’s drawing was inspired by “news photographs of Israeli Jews seated in chairs and lounges, observing the Israeli shelling of Gaza.”

But then, as expected, the Jewish Lobby invoked the “Six Million Died” smoking gun to demonize the newspaper.
Mike Carlton did NOT headline his column with a cartoon image of a rabbi shagging a goat.  Or some other type of blatantly racist and/or sexually repugnant image like Charlie Hebdo routinely publishes.

More ...

Our Rulers Want War SO Bad

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/8/2015

Nobody knows what the agenda of the gunmen who killed those 12 people in Paris yesterday really is.  Our rulers' politicians and media screeched "Terrorists!" right off the bat, like they always do.  And then worked hard to make this solely a "Free Speech" issue and the Paris mob obediently complied with
très charmant street protests just perfect for the Tee-vee.

But who really benefits from this incident?  Certainly not Muslims in Yemen or Algeria or Pakistan or anywhere in else in Palestine or the Middle East.  This is license for our rulers to release the FULL fury of their killer-drones.  And they will.

So before you run to your nearest recruiting office to sign up for killing Arabs at will and protect your sacred Freedom of Speech.  Please.  Take-a-breath and ask yourself: who - really - is behind this?  Who BENEFITS?

The people, our rulers, who make, sell and reap mad PROFITZ! from WEAPONS.  That's who.  And they don't give-a-shit about "Free Speech" because if they did, they wouldn't torture innocent people like Gul Rahman - to death - to get them to 'free-speech' force-fed lies about people he knew absolutely nothing about, so their killer-drones could drop some more Freedom Bombs™ and free even more innocent folks from speeching.

He Who Sues First

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/7/2015

Alan Dershowitz went on his fellow-AIPAC charter-member Wolf Blitzer's Tee-vee 'News' network, CNN, last night and vehemently discredited, unchallenged by any opposing view of course, allegations that he had sexytime with under-aged sex-slaves provided by his pal, convicted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein.  Dersh said he was going to sue the lawyers of the teenage sex-slave but her lawyers have beaten him to it!
Dershowitz ... vowed to file disciplinary complaints against the attorneys representing his accuser, who has been identified as 30-year-old Virginia Roberts.

But before Dershowitz could, the lawyers — Paul Cassell and Bradley Edwards — sued him for defamation.

Roberts is one of several women who claim they were turned into sex slaves by freaky New York financier Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire and convicted sex offender whose tentacles extend around the world.

In addition to Dershowitz, Roberts has claimed in court papers that as a 17-year-old she was also forced to have sex with Prince Andrew — a charge that Buckingham Palace has hotly denied ...

"Epstein required Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida but also on private planes, in New York, in New Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands," the papers state.

"Dershowitz was an eye-witness to the sexual abuse of many other minors by Epstein and several of Epstein's co-conspirators."
This scandal is fermenting into a deliciously complex nectar of sleaze.

More ...

Teenage Sex Slaves

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/6/2015

This is Alan Dershowitz, law professor and infamous defender of Israel's illegal land & water theft by East Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", in Palestine.  Alan has been caught up in a delicious new sex-slave scandal, involving the Royal Family's Prince Andrew (remember? Fergie's husband?) and mysterious billionaire and probable Mossad asset Philip Epstein.  This sex scandal has all of the elements that tabloid Tee-vee just LUVs: British Royal Family, billionaire secret Caribbean island retreats, celebrity lawyers and, most importantly very young and under-aged girls imprisoned as sex-slaves.
Famous attorney and former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz categorically denied allegations that he had sex with an underage prostitute Monday, calling the woman a "serial liar, serial prostitute" ...

Dershowitz ... was responding to new allegations made about Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy Palm Beach financier accused of keeping underaged girls as sex slaves. Epstein was ultimately sentenced to 18 months in jail as part of a legendary plea bargain that saw him admit to one count of soliciting an underaged prostitute.

New filings in a civil action against Epstein claim the businessman forced one girl — "Jane Doe No. 3" - to sleep with Prince Andrew in a potential blackmail scheme. The woman also claims she slept with Dershowitz while she was underaged.
This white-girls-in-jeopardy sex-slave scandal should be absolutely dominating tabloid Tee-vee right now but it's not.  Why?

Grifters Gots to Grift

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/5/2015

Mike Huckabee likes the good life he gets from the Tee-vee but knows that can get even better by grifting the evangelical chumps with a fake presidential run.
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said Saturday he is ending his show on Fox News because he is not ready to rule out running for president in 2016 ...

On Saturday's episode of Huckabee's show, which he said would be the last, he thanked his viewers and Fox staff, name-checking Fox News Channel Chairman Roger Ailes “for the past six and a half years of support” during the show's run. He said his departure means “walking away from a generous paycheck from Fox” and reminded viewers of the book he is set to release this month, “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy.”
Huck will drop out of the race probably in September 2016 so his new FoxNews Tee-vee show can join the Fall line-up in time for a promotional boost as the football season starts up.

How To Murder Your Wife

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 1/4/2015

First: get a gun.  You can't have an accidental shooting without a gun in the house.  Peachtree City police Chief William McCollom's job conveniently supplied him with a 9mm Glock.  The rest was easy-peasy!
A police chief in Georgia told a 911 dispatcher he accidentally shot his sleeping wife while moving a handgun that was in their bed, according to a recording released Friday.

Peachtree City police Chief William McCollom called for help at 4:17 a.m. New Year's Day and reported accidentally shooting his 58-year-old wife, Margaret, while they both slept ...

"Who shot her?" the [911] dispatcher asked.

"Me," McCollom said. "The gun was in the bed, I went to move it, and I put it to a side and it went off."
No one with a brain-and-a-pulse would sleep with a loaded, safety-off gun actually in the bed with them - except, of course, a gun-fairy, because gun-fairies are people devoid of reason and logic who allow vigilante fantasies of gun-based, childish heroism to rule their lives.

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