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The Ejection Will Kill You

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/28/2016

The cost of the F-35 Hangar Princess has gone from $300-million to over $768-million per plane and it still can't fly straight.  The entire program cost for this useless, cold-war relic has ballooned to over a trillion dollars.  One of the biggest, and perhaps insurmountable, problems with the jet is its tendency to overheat and thus lose all connection between cockpit flight controls and the wing flaps the pilot is attempting to manipulate - to actually 'fly' the plane.  If this happened, there was concern that the ejection seat would not operate because the overheating shuts the plane's central computer, and thus control over ejection, down.  Turns out, that probably won't matter, because?  The F-35's ejection seat will probably kill the pilot, anyway.

Privatization Fixes Everything

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/27/2016

Our rulers' media still has the air raid sirens blaring about England's exit from the European Union.  And almost all of the criticism is aimed at the primitive, xenophobic, and just plain stupid bigots voters who are completely and utterly responsible for this mess.  Ignoring the inconvenient fact that, since the Reagan/Thatcher realignments of the 1980s, the rich have taken ALL of the gains for themselves and have shared none of them with the middle-class, thus making wage-earners poor and the rent-seekers richer than they've ever been in history.  Resulting in a society more unbalanced than ever.  A voter in Manchester, England explained it perfectly: "If you've got money, you vote in ... if you haven't got money, you vote out."

But our rulers are clueless and couldn't care less.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/26/2016

First of all, in spite of Congress ducking its duty (what else is new?) and NOT authorizing the use of military force against ISIS in Syria, like President Barry encouraged it to do if it, indeed, wanted to put U.S. troops on the ground there?  WTF - there ARE U.S. troops on the ground in Syria, as evidenced by the above photo from Military Times:
Photos have emerged of American special operations troops in Syria wearing uniform insignia affiliated with a Kurdish rebel group known as the YPG, whose connection to Turkish terrorists could could fuel tension between the U.S. and a key ally in the Islamic State fight ...

Speaking Thursday, a top Pentagon official said it's fairly common for Green Berets and other operators to wear allies' patches.
So, okay.  The United Snakes already has troops in Syria, 'advising' Kurdish YPG forces.  It also has advisors supplying dangerous TOW, anti-tank missiles, and training, to another group - the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

But Globalization is Winning!

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/25/2016

Great Britain is leaving the European Union!  Our rulers say that means the end of the Free Markets!™, PROFITZ! and the good life as we've known it.  They keep repeating, over & over: Globalization? G-O-O-O-D! Isolationism? B-A-A-A-D!  It's depressing everyone and the markets are tanking (Grady's tip: take the PROFITZ!).  But - there is some GOOD News.  We've finally done it.  We have globalized ONE thing: Carbon Dioxide!  The last place on earth, Antarctica, has finally joined the rest of the world and recorded a reading of over 400 parts-per-million of CO2 for the first time in 4-Million Years!
Carbon dioxide has been steadily rising since the start of the Industrial Revolution, setting a new high year after year. There’s a notable new entry to the record books. The last station on Earth without a 400 parts per million (ppm) reading has reached it ...

Raising The Drawbridge

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/24/2016

Our rulers are really,Really,REALLY pissed.  The wage-slaves in Britain, 52% of a record 71.8% of the public in England who voted, have thrown off their chains and decided to leave the European Union which enabled an economy that only worked for the top 10-percent, if even that.  Our rulers' media is trying its best to make this all about racism & xenophobia - the mean, white, red-necks in Britain don't like the poor brown refugees, because?  Different.  But in reality, Britains, from all classes except the 1%, who voted for Brexit have finally realized that the Free Markets!™ fairies and their 'open-borders' concept were only designed to enable union-bashing and low wages.  Oh, and AUSTERITY.  All the money went to the top resulting in insane real estate prices, hedge fund PROFITZ! and a strong Pound currency.  This supply-side bullshit killed manufacturing sector jobs - the good jobs.  Jobs that the British economy has been hemorrhaging for years.  The reality is: people - finally - voted against an economy that wasn't working to their benefit.  Period.

You Can't Sue Them

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/23/2016

The 14th Amendment, like the 2nd Amendment, protects certain rights for Americans.  The 14th says: "[N]or shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law".  That means that the courts are open to any and all Americans to seek justice.  If the Ford Motor Company knowingly sells you a car with a dangerous, exploding gas tank, and that gas tank kills a family member, you have the right to take the Ford Motor Company to court and sue them for the Wrongful Death of that family member.  But, because of a blatantly UN-constitutional law, The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that ReePubs passed in 2005 to protect their huge donors in the guns & ammo industries (unconstitutional for the obvious reason that other manufacturers are not, similarly, protected), Americans are not allowed to sue the gun industry for Wrongful Death.

Just Endorse Hillary & Get It Over With

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/22/2016

Neocon Commander Bill Kristol's twitter feed is 100% dedicated to unseating Trumpkins as the ReePub nominee.  He still thinks there can be some sort of coup at the ReePub Convention so the neocons can get their boy, Marco, to wage the next wars-4-Israel in Syria, Libya & Iran.  That, of course, is not going to happen.  Oh, the wars will, but not President Marco.

So, when is Kristol finally going to give in, like the rest of the neocons, and endorse Hillary?  Will he wait until after the ReePub Convention?  He can't, because?  Jesus has already jumped aboard the neocon bandwagon for Hillary!

We Need ISIS

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/21/2016

There is controversy brewing in our rulers' media about how fervent a supporter of ISIS Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was.  Some accuse the FBI of trying to cover up Omar's ties to the group!  In their defense, both the FBI and CIA say that proof of Omar's devotion to ISIS is slim - that his claims of allegiance might have been attempts to cover up his real motive: hatred of gays due to his own sexual dysphoria.  But the bottom-line here is that ISIS is the world's baddest bad-guys and affection for ISIS will NOT be tolerated in the United Snakes, no matter what.  However, Major General Herzi Halevy, Chief of Intelligence for Amerika's closest ally in the War-on-Terror, says we need to support ISIS, because?  Israel.

Gun Fairie Blows Leg Off

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/20/2016

Watch this gun fairy blow his leg off.  He's packed a riding lawnmower with Tannerite, a mix of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder that blows up when a bullet hits it.  Gun fairies love packing targets with Tannerite so they get a big ka-BANG!, rather than just a little hole, when they hit a target.  This is the root difference between a gun fairy and a sane person.  Gun fairies just love blowing shit up and they believe that everyone else does, too.  They're wrong, of course, but don't care.  Gun fairies love to say that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  This is their base reason for forcing the rest of us to live in their fucked-up, armed society.  It's all just bullshit and everyone knows it.  But it's Tee-vee friendly camouflage for their fetish, which includes vigilante fantasies of saving damsels-in-distress, mixed-in with the blowing shit up.

Throw Away the Key

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/19/2016

You're taking a nice hike, in Crater Lake National Park, and about to summit Mount Scott, overlooking the deepest lake (1,949 ft) in the United States, the 9th deepest lake in the world - when you are confronted with the permanent, acrylic scribblings of some asshole named Casey Nocket.
A 23-year-old woman who caused an uproar after defacing rocks at national parks across the West, including two in Colorado, pleaded guilty on Monday and was sentenced to probation.

Casey Nocket, of San Diego, admitted to seven misdemeanor counts in a Fresno, Calif., federal court where a judge ordered her to serve two years on probation and complete 200 hours of community service ...

Omar Mateen - In His Own Words

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/18/2016

A video of Orlando killer Omar Mateen has surfaced.  Our rulers' media has steadfastly portrayed him as a radical Muslim extremist nut-job, bent upon jihad against the United Snakes and establishment of the world caliphate.  Actually, he wasn't a devout Muslim at all.  For one thing, he drank.  Heavily.  Devout Muslims don't do that.  Omar was a security guard, meaning he was a guy who liked guns but wasn't stable and/or smart enough to be a cop.  Six-years-ago, he was working for British Petroleum during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Louisiana.  Josh & Rebecca Tickell made a film, called The Big Fix, about the Deepwater Horizon disaster and briefly interviewed Omar, who was manning a BP security gate at a cleanup site.

A Neocon State Dept. Mutiny

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/17/2016

The neocons, the people who lied us into the Iraq War, are the bad guys in our government.  The State Department is full of neocons because President Barry made a neocon leader, Hillary, Secretary of State at the beginning of his Presidency to 'unify the Party'.  Hillary promptly inserted DICK CHENEY's former deputy foreign policy adviser and neocon tool, Vicky Nuland, into the most powerful position, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, so that she could begin fomenting more wars-4-Israel and she's done a pretty good job: regime-changing the Ukraine, Honduras, Egypt and Libya - balkanizing the shit out of all of those regions so it's easier to steal land & resources.  But President Barry has blocked this neocon/Likud regime-change march at Syria and that really, Really, REALLY pisses off Vicky, her State Department storm-troopers and the neocons at the NY Times.
WASHINGTON — More than 50 State Department diplomats have signed an internal memo sharply critical of the Obama administration’s policy in Syria, urging the United States to carry out military strikes against the government of President Bashar al-Assad to stop its persistent violations of a cease-fire in the country’s five-year-old civil war.

Goldie Gets It Going, Again

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/16/2016

Wall St. investment bank Goldman Sachs is cleaning up some of its old dirty business, from the 2008 bail-out days, in anticipation of a new, friendlier White House.  Been a lawsuit brewing against Goldie by the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) ever since a $1.2-Billion loss on 9 suspicious trades back in 2008, and its time for some of that ol' 'settlement without admitting guilt' so they can get really serious about stealing the rest of Libyan assets once they get Hillary in there?
The Libyan Investment Authority said that Goldman Sachs gained its trust and then abused it by encouraging it to participate in complex trades that it did not understand.

"The disputed trades were inherently unsuitable for a nascent sovereign wealth fund such as the LIA and Goldman Sachs knew (or at the very least suspected) that the LIA did not properly understand the trades, which were highly structured, complex and risky, a document submitted to the court by the LIA said.
So LIA's lawsuit claims that Goldie first used its worldwide reputation to gain trust and then?  Dumped a pile of hideously-stupid trades on a sucker unsuspecting client.

They Own 20-Percent of Hillary!

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/15/2016

Pictured above is Saudi crown prince, and successor to the throne, Muhammad bin Nayef with Hillary.  Back on April 29th, presumably once he knew that Hillary! had the Presidency sewn up, Saudi King Salman dropped a diplomatic bomb on the world less than a year into his reign, replacing his brother, Muqrin bin Abd al-Aziz, as his successor, with his nephew and Hillary! supporter, this same Muhammad bin Nayef.  King Salman then proclaimed his 30-yr-old son and Saudi Defense Minister, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, deputy crown prince.  The implication being that Mohammad, not Hillary's pal Muhammad, would actually succeed Salman, as soon as he was old enough - and wise enough - to do so.  That lack-of-wisdom was on display last week, when young Mohammad was about to make his first, official visit to the United Snakes and made the BIGGEST boo-boo EVER in an interview with the Jordanian news agency Petra.

Make It Simple

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/14/2016

It's time to get the NRA, and the money it gets from gun & ammo manufacturers, the-fuck-out of our lives for good.  There's a new, simple way to do this.  Just click on this link: http://whoismyvoice.com/  Type in your zip code.  Your Congressional representative will pop up, along with the amount of money the guns & ammo manufacturers, through the NRA, have used to bribe your Congressperson, and your two Senate persons, to keep the blood, and their PROFITZ! flowing.  If any of your representatives have taken any money, at all, from the NRA?  Don't vote for them. 

It's so simple.  We can fix this.

"Well-Regulated Militia"

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/13/2016

Bottom-line on Orlando gun fairy Omar Mateen?  His father told reporters that this was not about religion.  But according to Imam Syed Rahman of the Fort Pierce, FL Islamic Center, Omar attended prayers 4-times-per week.  And he was big, quiet and kind'a scary - a prototypical cop-type, who really, Really REALLY liked?  Gunz, pew,Pew,PEW!  His dad also said that a recent incident in Miami might've touched this off.
"We were in downtown Miami, Bayside, people were playing music. And he saw two men kissing each other in front of his wife and kid and he got very angry ... They were kissing each other and touching each other and he said, 'Look at that. In front of my son they are doing that.' And then we were in the men's bathroom and men were kissing each other."
Omar's first wife said he was mean, sort'a spoiled and a bully who used to beat her up.

Yeah.  Make it really,Really,REALLY easy for a moody, violent gun fairy like this to buy guns and hi-capacity mags, because?  Freedom!  Omar's exactly what James Madison had in mind when he wrote that "well-regulated militia" part.

Another Neocon for Hillary!

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/12/2016

This is James Kirchik, one of the rising, young (33-yr-old) stars in the DC neocon rats' nest.  He's a propagandist for Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a stink tank run by Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan, and other neocon 'legends'.  Kirchik writes for Kristol's The Weekly Standard, Tablet, other right-wing rags and does significant time on the FoxyNews these days where he advocates constantly, like all neocons do, for a more 'muscular' Amerikan foreign policy - code for 'more wars-4-Israel' - congruent with the Oded Yinon Plan and the expansion of Greater Israel.  Here's what Jamie wrote when he joined fellow neocons Kagan, Eliot A. Cohen, Kenny Adelman, et al, with a full-throated endorsement of Hillary! this week.
Hillary Clinton Is 2016’s Real Conservative—Not Donald Trump ...

It’s come to this: Hillary Clinton is the one person standing between America and the abyss ...

It's "He"; Not "Him"

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/11/2016

Brock Turner
, a swimmer attending Stanford University on an athletic scholarship, fucked an unconscious woman, out-of-sight behind a dumpster, without consent, at a frat-party.  He was represented by powerful, expensive counsel in a court of law where a jury decided that his actions satisfied all the stringent criteria for 3 counts of felony sexual assault - and found him guilty of rape.  He should have gotten 6-years.  Instead, he got 3-months because the judge, Aaron Persky, also went to Stanford, was an athlete there, and, obviously, in the little world inside his brain, tribally identified with Brock and against the interests of the slut who enticed poor Brock behind that dumpster to fuck her - contrary to all the evidence in the case and, BTW, the jury's actual decisions.  Persky received lots of letters regarding his sentencing decision.  The most pertinent, and heartfelt one, was from the slut who Brock Turner raped.  Persky ignored that one.  The letter from Brock's dad, that said this fine young man's life would be ruined by a mere "20 minutes of action"?  Judge Persky LUV'd him that one.  Brock's mom, Carleen Turner, also wrote a letter, pleading for leniency for her boy.  It hasn't gotten nearly the publicity of that of his horrible father's but it is so much more significant.  Carleen, a woman, who should be able to objectify what the slut her son raped really felt, for obvious reasons, does exactly the opposite!  The victim here is not the woman - it's - her son who DID the raping.
A letter to the judge from Brock Turner‘s mother calls the convicted rapist the “most trustworthy and honest person I know.”

Pulling the Plug

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/10/2016

Back in the middle of April, the U.S. Senate announced that it was considering a Bill making it possible for families of 9-11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia and, most importantly, gain access to the infamous 28-redacted-pages from the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 (JICI) Report.  These 28 redacted, top-secret pages reportedly link financial and logistical support from the Saudi Embassies in Los Angeles and DC directly to 9-11 hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi.  Just the kind of evidence a tort jury would LUVs to hear!  Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir threw down - hard - threatening to dump Saudi Arabia's $750-Billion in U.S. Dollar holdings, and cripple the U.S. economy if the Bill passed and the 28-pages were released.  President Barry had to drop everything and fly to Riyadh the following week to kiss & hold hands with his boss, King Salman, to tamp this thing down.  But those bothersome senators were persistent (there are elections in November), the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) made it out of committee and is proceeding to the House Judiciary.  And if that wasn't bad enough for the most repressive, un-democratic, fucked-up and brutal regime on the planet (that no one's allowed to talk about), the annual UN Report on Children in Armed Conflicts just blacklisted the Saudis and their coalition partners for their hideous genocide against the children of Yemen.

49th Anniversary

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/9/2016

Yesterday marked the 49th anniversary of Israel's unprovoked, purposeful attack, in international waters, on a U.S. naval vessel, the USS Liberty - June 8, 1967.  Thirty-four Americans were killed in that Israeli military operation and 174 wounded, by a supposed U.S. ally.  You've probably never even heard of the attack on the USS Liberty, which is odd because you have undoubtedly heard of a similar attack against a similar spy-ship, the USS Pueblo, that happened just over 7-months later in the waters off North Korea.  Only one U.S. sailor was killed in this attack but the Pueblo incident has become a staple of U.S. foreign policy history and the incident has been an important story in U.S. school history books ever since - but there's absolutely NO mention of the far worse attack on the USS Liberty in those same, lower-school history books.

Panther Not Cougar

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/8/2016

The prospect of a Trumpkins v. Hillary Presidential race is so horrid that all I got today is the cutest panther video, ever.

Suppressing the Vote

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/7/2016

The Dems are the ones who complain about suppressing the vote all the time so it sure is ironic that our Dem rulers were so worried about Hillary being humiliated in California that they pulled this bullshit early announcement.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton has commitments from the number of delegates needed to become the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee for president, and will be first woman to top the ticket of a major U.S. political party. An Associated Press count of pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses and a survey of party insiders known as superdelegates shows Clinton with the overall support of the required 2,383 delegates.
At the beginning of the Democratic nomination race, DNC Chairman Schultzie went on our rulers' Tee-vee and explained that it was absolutely, positively AGAINST the rules for the media and super-delegates to conspire to tally those 'special' delegates BEFORE July.  So don't do it!

No Frenchie for President

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/6/2016

Big time neocon and FoxyNews commentator Bill Kristol just HATES the Trumpkins like pumpkins.  He doesn't like Hillary either - yet.  Kristol has been blathering for weeks, in his news magazine that no one reads, that he was going to support a 3rd Party candidate for President!  He floated an obscure Senator from Arkansas, Likud-friendly Tom Cotton, first, followed by another Likud-approved, back-bencher named Ben Sasse (R-NB), but got nowhere with the fat, right-wing donors.  He even tried persuading Mittens to give it another go.  Then, last week, he had THE answer: David French, a Tennessee lawyer with a smattering of military experience (unlike Kristol), a National Review by-line, and a level-85, night elf priest rank in World of Warcraft.  After a week or so of asking Jesus, and Bristol Palin's ghostwriter, Nancy French, if it'd be okay to be President, they finally answered?  Nope.
I’m not Running for President -- by David French June 5, 2016 8:39 PM ...

After days of prayer, reflection, and serious study of the possibilities, I am not going to run as an independent candidate for president of the United States.

Best First Pitch Ever

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/5/2016

Major League Baseball is full of players from Asia these days.  But the opening pitch ceremonies, especially in the big leagues, are boring and suck.  The Minor Leagues have some fairly creative "Hot-Dog vs. Mustard" races, and the San Diego Chicken could bring it.  But they're NOTHING compared to the above videos' opening day ceremony with two Japanese actresses, who are starring in a new movie where the kill-the-shit outta each other for about 104-minutes, called The Ring vs. The Grudge.

Amerikan baseball needs some Japanese entertainment at the ol' ballpark these days.  Imagine Sadako vs. Kayako here for the All-Star Game 7th-inng stretch?  Beats-the-shit outta
Kellie Pickler singing God Bless Amerika.

Our Last Hope

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 6/4/2016

Listen to Iraq War Veteran Tulsi Gabbard in the above video.  A big win (by at least 4-points) in California for Bernie over Hillary is our last hope to stop the next war-4-Israel in Syria - and even, possibly, Iran.  Hillary is Dick Cheney in a pant-suit and will plunge our country, and the world, into the wars that her neocon/Likud bosses crave.  The plans for this strategy of making U.S. Armed Forces fight wars-4-Israel in the Middle East have been presented by the neocon/Likuds 3 different ways since the early 1980s:
  1. The Oded Yinon Plan (1982)
  2. A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (1996), and
  3. The Project for the New American Century (1997)

It is crystal-clear what all three of those plans want to achieve - a balkanized, violent, out-of-control Middle East that requires a massive American, and 'international', force to manage it.

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