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A Sliver of Hope?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/26/2016

Hillary! broke her promise and chickened out of her commitment to debate Bernie before the California Primary.  She's declined an interview with the Inspector General over her email mess, because?  It's pretty obvious that she was, clandestinely and illegally, trolling for Clinton Foundation donations in exchange for regime-change support with bad actors like Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo and Google's Jared Cohen - and didn't want any record of it.  Our rulers must believe that even if Hillary loses California, they'll have enough juice for their apparatchik, Schultzie, to push her through the Democratic Convention and secure the party's nomination for president.  But they didn't consider this:
Hillary Clinton has declined an invitation to debate Senator Bernie Sanders before the California primary election next month, but he may have found a willing replacement: Donald J. Trump.

When She Says "Rule" - You RULE

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/25/2016

Here's a picture of one of our rulers with then-Los Angeles Mayor and 2012 Democratic Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa.  This unidentified woman told Antonio to ignore the rules at the Democratic Convention back in 2012, and he immediately obeyed - that makes her a ruler.  Wish I knew who she was.  Our media has NEVER identified her.  Before the convention in 2012 could officially start, Villaraigosa had been forced, obviously by this unknown woman-ruler, to come on stage and call a voice vote for two amendments to change the official party platform.  The two changes re-inserted two sentences from previous Democratic Party platforms that had been eliminated from the 2012 official statement:
  1. That Americans could make the most of their "God-given potential", and
  2. That “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel."
When Villaraigosa called the voice vote that, by rule, required a two-thirds majority to pass the changes, the "Nay" vote was demonstrably louder and longer than the "Ayes".

Saying Grace

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/24/2016

saying-a-prayer-before-meals, propaganda meme has been shoved down-our-throats since I've been alive.  The above Norman Rockwell is from a Saturday Evening Post cover dated November, 1954 (click to enbiggen).  Our rulers just LUVs it.  They've made it 'accepted' behavior, even if you, individually, find belief in an imaginary, super sky-grandpa childish, silly, and/or even repugnant?  You gotta say grace.  I have had people, in my own home, take it upon themselves to stop everything before a meal and bow and say prayers - passive-aggressively forcing group compliance.  When I objected to this, it was, incredibly, me who was chastised for being 'intolerant'.  I've even had it happen to me at restaurants with resolute, religious-type clients.  Now, I just stand up and walk away, and return when they're finished.  That would be my advice for this lady.
Dear Carolyn: My husband and I have just purchased our first home. We are excited to finally host all the friends and family who kindly fed us over the years.

My husband is agnostic, I am atheist and we do not say grace. My father-in-law always says grace and insists everyone bow their head and participate. I have always respected this in his home, but I do not want this in my own home.

The Fix is In

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/23/2016

Exit polls are simple.  As you leave the polling station after voting, someone asks you if you don't mind saying who you voted for.  Exit polls have traditionally been a check on election fraud.  When an exit poll has a margin of victory wildly different from the vote count, our rulers have paid someone in the polling station to fix the vote.  It just happened in the Democratic primary in New York.  The exit polls had Hillary! over Bernie by barely 2% - but the final results of the actual vote had Clinton by an overwhelming five percent.  Something happened there.  The Democratic machine, which favors Hillary because she will deliver more wars-4-Israel, fixed the primary.  The money and influence required for this fix were a mere pittance compared to the potential PROFITZ! that more wars-4-Israel will provide.  But the NY primary irregularities did invite more scrutiny from people outside our rulers' media's sphere of influence.  The exit-poll/actual-vote discrepancies in New York were icky.  Comparisons to the Florida vote, in 2000, when our rulers fixed the election for L'il Bushie so they could guarantee their Iraq War-4-Israel, were gaining traction.  So our rulers pulled-the-plug on the rest of the exit polls to make way for Hillary.
The big television networks have traditionally paid for exit polls. On May 6, they canceled exit polls for the Kentucky Democratic presidential primary, and for both major party primaries in California and New Jersey.

Jewish Terrorism

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/22/2016

The two words, "Jewish" and "Terrorism", are not allowed to be used, together, in our rulers' media.  Ever.  Yet, the words "Muslim" and "Terrorism" are used, together, all the time.  But how else would you describe the following actions?
Two Israeli settlers use a fake gun to threaten a bus full of Palestinian workers. The police make a quick arrest, yet the media totally ignores the story ...

According to Israeli police, last Wednesday two residents of Efrat, a settlement near Jerusalem, began circling a Palestinian vehicle on their motorcycles on a road near the settlement. One of the settlers then forced the vehicle to the side of the road at gunpoint and pulled the driver out.

A few minutes later the settlers stopped a bus carrying Palestinian workers on the same road ... the settlers threatened the passengers and removed them one by one at gunpoint. After all the Palestinian passengers were standing on the side of the road, one of the settlers put his gun to the head of one of the workers ... telling him to “pray for your life” ...

Smilin' Eyes

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/21/2016

Don't see enough Irish Setters these days.  Puppies are expensive, about $1,200.  The dog-of-choice seems to have become the Pit Bull - cheaper and more 'protection'?  But take a piano store and a rambunctious setter?

You can't stop watching.

It's Complicated

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/20/2016

The neocon/Likuds in the U.S. State Department knew that if they could just regime-change the shit outta Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the country would splinter and balkanize into warring sects which is exactly what Oded Yinon prescribed in his infamous plan for the expansion of Greater Israel - the USA's primary foreign policy goal.  So we did that back in 2011.  Problem was that after Gaddafi was gruesomely murdered, much to Hillary-the-ghoul's delight, the 'civil' war in Libya became a violent clusterfuck, with anybody killing everybody - perfect conditions in which al-Nusra Front and Daesh could flourish.  So now it's time for some other part of the U.S. government to step in and try to tamp down the absolute mess the neocon/Likuds at State created in Libya.  And you'll never guess WHO's going to do that - and HOW they're going to do it!
BRUSSELS — The top U.S. general overseeing American military operations in Africa said Tuesday that while Washington is considering sending weapons to Libya to fight the Islamic State, doing so will require taking cues from a fledgling unity government that is still struggling to establish support at home ...

9-Billion-Dollars Worth the Bullshit & the "Next Steve Jobs!"

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/19/2016

Theranos was just the hottest-startup-ever! when it partnered with Walgreens to blood-test customers "with only TWO drops of blood!" for everything from Rickets to Ringworm.  Guys like Tim Draper here on CNBC touted the stock to the max.  And Tim's daughter's pal, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, joined the young billionaire's club, friendstering everyone from Henry Kissinger to her new BFFs Hillary/Chelsea while selling 9-Billion-dollars worth?  The bullshit.
Just when you thought that the biggest ever "multi-billion" private company that also happens to be an utter fraud, would quietly disappear ... Theranos has told federal health regulators that the company voided and revised two years of results from its Edison blood-testing devices and has issued tens of thousands of corrected reports to doctors and patients ...

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/18/2016

Libya was a comparatively peaceful place until the Summer of 2011, when Hillary! and the neocon/Likuds in the State Department somehow convinced President Barry to join the neocon/Likuds controlling NATO and regime-change Muammar el-Qaddafi the hell outta there.  Like Iraq without Saddam, Libya splintered and balkanized, which was exactly what Hillary!s bosses wanted, creating more chaos in the Middle East so that East Europeans, pretending to be "Israelites", could steal more land & water in Palestine with impunity - which is what U.S. foreign policy is all about.  Regime-changing Libya has been an utter disaster ever since.  Qaddafi's chemical munitions leaked out of Libya thru Benghazi (which was the real reason Ambassador Stevens was killed), and on into Turkey where they were distributed to al-Nusra thugs for use in Syria, in order to blame the Assad government for the Sarin attacks in Ghouta.  Meanwhile the rest of Qaddaffi's old chemical weapons and the rogue remnants of his army are threatening the entire region, including Southern Europe - so it's time for some "arming & training"!
Vienna (AFP) - The United States, Italy and Libya's friends and neighbours agreed Monday to arm the war-torn country's fledgling unity government to fight the Islamic State threat.

Some More Truth About Syria

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/17/2016

This is what a real war correspondent looks like these days.  Take a good look; it's an endangered species.  His name is Miguel Fernandez, seen here on the front lines with some actual Syrian government soldiers.  For the last year he has reported on the fake Syrian Civil War-4-Israel that the United Snakes, Saudi Israelia & Turkey created with imported, paid mercenaries, from mostly Chechnya, Molodova & environs pretending to be freedom-fighting, 'moderate' rebels.  Miguel reports for the Prensa Latina News Agency of Cuba.  After a year of being the only accredited journalist from the West actually inside all parts of Syria, Mr. Fernandez had some interesting things to say about the attempted Yinonization of the Levant.
"Seeing how these people don't give in, that they dream about a prosperous country, is the biggest lesson that Syria gave me" ...

How Full of Shit?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/16/2016

Our rulers' media just LUVs quoting "social conservatives", i.e. grifters pretending they're religious preachers, during their electoral circle-jerk every 4 years.  They fill their newspapers and the Tee-vee with all sorts of pronouncements about "Conservatism" which is code for using race issues to hide mere crony-capitalist greed beneath a patina of Godsey, J-Boy and family-values.  Now these grifters have to somehow explain to their flocks why they should vote for a thrice-divorced, roving ass-bandit who once told Howard Stern that his ex-wife Marla Maples had "nice tits; no brains".
Activists and leaders in the social conservative movement, after spending most of the past year opposing and condemning Donald J. Trump, are now moving to embrace his candidacy and are joining the growing number of mainstream Republicans who appear ready to coalesce around the party’s presumptive nominee ...

Our Serious! ReePub Daddies

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/15/2016

Remember the nonsense about 'saving' Terri Schiavo, an unfortunate young woman whose brain had died and was being kept alive at the insistence of her superstitious Catholic parents and a Pope desperately trying to distract folks from the sexual predator cover-up he'd botched so horribly?  ReePubs pounced and fund-raised off Terri back in 2005, but it all ended up biting Jebbie! in the ass in 2016.  And good riddance.  Now ReePubs are determined to make 'bathrooms' an important plank in the 2016 Party Platform at their convention.  It's their new, big fund-raising tool.  Trumpkins already has his hands full trying to get the crazies back in their pews and off this idiotic subject.
Donald Trump had previously criticized the new, controversial North Carolina “bathroom bill” measure that requires people to use public bathrooms based on their birth gender (on the grounds that it was costing the state business) ...

All You Need to Know

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/14/2016

This is hedge fund mega-manager James Simons.  He was one of the Cruzer's biggest backers up until he dropped out of the ReePub Klown Kar race 10 days ago.  So where is this ReePub, corporate-welfare, more wars-4-Israel, right-winger putting his money now?
The world’s top 25 hedge fund managers earned $13bn last year ...

Kenneth Griffin, founder and chief executive of Citadel, and James Simons, founder and chairman of Renaissance Technologies, shared the top spot, taking home $1.7bn each ...

Both men have poured a lot of money into the presidential race, but both backed Republicans who dropped out. Griffin ... has donated more than $3m into the failed campaigns of Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker ...

Simons ... has made an estimated $15.5bn from Renaissance Technologies the mathematics-driven “quant” hedge fund he set up 34 years ago ...

The fund ... has donated $13m to Cruz’s failed campaign. With Cruz out of the race, Renaissance has switched donations to Hillary Clinton, with more than $2m donated so far. Euclidean Capital, Simon’s family office, has donated more than $7m to Clinton.

Frontier Communications Hell

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/13/2016

These are California's Public Utilities Commissioners.  I haven't been posting this week because they didn't do their job.  I, was, a Verizon DSL customer.  Something called Frontier Communications 'bought' Verizon's copperwire business, undoubtedly by leveraging the Verizon employees' pension fund and re-directing much of it as possible into BONUSES! for Verizon & Frontier executive scumbags.  Thousands of Verizon customers are without service now and totally fucked and California's Public Utilities Commission has done nothing to help - probably because these commissioners share in those BONUSES! through kickbacks from the Verizon/Frontier executives.
Beyond a public relations nightmare for Frontier, the case is raising broader questions about whether the state Public Utilities Commission has devoted enough attention to monitor phone and cable companies.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/11/2016

North Carolina just passed a controversial "bathroom bill", restricting lavatory rights for transgendered individuals to only their birth-certificated sex, no matter what, because?  Perverts.  Now, local North Carolinian municipalities are passing ordinances based upon this state law, to empower the children to pepper-spray the shit outta anyone they want in school bathrooms.  This tranny war is ON, man.
SALISBURY, N.C. - A North Carolina school system has adopted a policy allowing high school students to carry pepper spray this fall, a policy one board member said may be useful for students who encounter transgender classmates in the bathroom.

All Done

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/10/2016

Sumner Redstone and Judge David Cowan gypped us out of a legal gang-bang and all the juicy details in the billionaire's mental competency case.  It was easy.  All Sumner had to do was call his once-lover Manuela Herzer "a fucking bitch" and that was it.
The testimony was halting, sometimes off point and lasted less than half an hour, but Sumner Redstone told a Los Angeles court via videotape Friday that he wants his one-time “true love,” Manuela Herzer, out of his life, and for his daughter, Shari Redstone, to oversee decisions about his health care, if he is not able.

He Knew from the Very Beginning

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/7/2016

This is former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.  He was portrayed in our rulers' media as sort of a clueless victim on the fringes of a hideous child sexual-abuse case that broke back in 2011 when Paterno's Defensive Coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, was indicted & convicted of sexual abuse of boys in a summer camp he ran on the Penn State campus in the 1970s & 80s.  The bottom-line media meme in the case was that Paterno and his staff, supposedly, didn't know anything about Sandusky's proclivity for molesting young boys - even though they probably should have - and that lack of due diligence was the reason Paterno had to go.  But he certainly wasn't at fault for condoning and covering-up this activity, at all.  He was just overly-concentrated on his football program and, thus, missed Sandusky's criminal behavior.  Too bad, but that could happen to any dedicated workaholic, right?  Except, it turns out?  That was bullshit.  Paterno knew all about it.
Pennsylvania State University paid settlements to end claims that Joe Paterno and other coaches at the school knew as early as the 1970s that Jerry Sandusky was assaulting children sexually, according to court filings and a person familiar with the payouts.

One accuser was a child when he allegedly told Paterno in 1976 that Sandusky had molested him.

Time for Some JUICE

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/6/2016

Back in November, Grady told you about the disquiet rising from 92-year-old media mogul Sumner Redstone's impending demise.  A once-young, now older girl-friend, Manuela Herzer, had outlasted her shelf-life and been kicked out of Sumner's Trousdale Estates' palace.  She'd gold-digged plenty of Sumner's vast assets and gotten her actress-daughter, Katherine Herzer, a plum 'supporting' role on his CBS network's top comedy, Madame Secretary.  That was enough for Redstone's estranged daughter, Shari.  So she lawyered-up and got Manuela removed from the picture.  But, not so fast, Viacom-Breath.  Manuela countered with a court petition, a fleet of lawyers and all sorts of nasty stuff about Sumner's male nurse 'directing' the sexytime with a "romantic partner" so that the boss could get off, and that Sumner was “obsessed with eating steak and does not seem to recall or understand why he cannot do so.”  Now it's finally time to get all-jiggy in the Beverly Hills courthouse.  Woo-HOO!
Manuela Herzer’s actions and her truthfulness will be central issues in the trial over the mental competency of media magnate Sumner Redstone, the judge in the case ruled Thursday in rejecting an attempt by Herzer’s lawyers to limit testimony about Redstone’s long-time companion ...

It's All the Girls' Fault

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/5/2016

Arizona was the second-to-the-last State to adopt the Martin Luther King Holiday (South Carolina was last).  Arizona Gov. Evan Mecham actually rescinded an order making MLK a holiday by the previous governor saying that "King doesn't deserve a holiday", and a majority of Arizonans agreed with him, defeating the holiday in two statewide referendums before the State Legislature and their business rulers stepped in to pass it - after the NFL cancelled the 1993 Super Bowl in Phoenix and cost the State millions.  Arizona is a pretty obstinate, racist and generally clueless place.  So it's not that surprising that school officials at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, AZ, a mostly (83.25%) white, eastern suburb of Phoenix, hung the above-pictured poster (click to enbiggen) in the school library.  No.  Really - the library.
A poster at an Arizona school that compared girls to meat and boys to wolves has been taken down after a picture of it ... was widely shared on social media.

The poster, which has the caption “So you think you come to school looking pretty cute” under a picture of what appear to be scantily clad [school girls], then the caption “but what boys see is meat” under a picture of a wolf, was spotted in the library of Desert Ridge high school in Mesa, Arizona ...

My Next Fearless Prediction

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/4/2016

This sucky blog called the ReePub nomination for Trumpkins - LAST JULY.  Really, no shit.  On July 28, 2015, Grady wrote:
As Donny T marches on to his inevitable ReePub nomination, a new attack, actually a 26-year-old attack, has been lobbed at him by the conservaturd establishment - that he raped his then-wife, Ivana, back in 1989.  Except, he didn't!
Two days later, 07/30/2016, I not only wrote Trumpkins would win, but that he'd specifically stomp Cruzer & the Conservaturds doing so:
Grady's feeling a little bit sorry for Ted Cruz and the bottomfeeders in the ReePub Klown-Kar ... Cruzer and the rest of the crazies have been rendered irrelevant by Donny T. who has irrevocably claimed the maximalist insane position on every NON-mainstream Republican issue ... Donald knows ReePubs want the tough-guy daddy and all his pretty girls.  He will get their nomination.

12 Years of Epic Failure

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/3/2016

Just about 12-years-ago, June 28, 2004, Amerika's Viceroy in Iraq, L. Paul (Jerry) Bremer, stuffed all the loose cash he could steal into a C-130 and slinked out of the country - turning the mess the United Snakes had created over to the Iraqis.  Then Secretary of State Condi Rice was with L'il Bushie at a NATO Summit in Istanbul at the time and passed him a note with the news.  Bushie scribbled "Let Freedom Reign!" (without dotting-the-'i') on that note and its been downhill for Iraq ever since - most recently with the overrun of the Green Zone in Baghdad and now with a fresh outbreak of car-bombs.
Three bombs went off in and around Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 14 people, including Shi'ite Muslim worshippers conducting an annual pilgrimage inside the capital ...

Here's The Problem

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/2/2016

All of our rulers' economists are paid to fret over raising the minimum wage and issue warnings, some dire - some not, but warnings, nonetheless, of what will happen if we do.  Harry Truman said: "If you laid all the economists, end-to-end, they still wouldn't agree on anything."  But one thing all economists agree on?  Ridiculously stupid salaries for economy-destroying executives are GOOD!  Take, for example, one of the current, biggest executive losers of them all, Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer.
Yahoo (YHOO) just disclosed the size of its executive pay packages and Marissa Mayer stands to make millions coming or going.

The CEO of the embattled online news site, currently trying to sell itself, is entitled to severance benefits valued at $54.9 million in case she is terminated without cause ...

Maybe We Need a RE-Surge™?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 5/1/2016

This is a video of Thomas Friedman, 13-years-ago, explaining to Charlie Rose exactly why the Iraq War-4-Israel was such a fabulous idea, right after the initial invasion.  In spite of making an absolute fool of himself that night, Friedman still sits atop the New York Times as our rulers' wisest phony liberal, who just LUVS him some war.  His solution for everything Middle Eastern is Freedom Bombing™ the shit outta some brown people there and then waiting "the next six months".  That always works.  These 6 month intervals, known as "Friedman Units", proliferated in his many columns and Tee-vee appearances since Nov. 30, 2003 when he said: "The next six months in Iraq — which will determine the prospects for democracy-building there — are the most important six months in U.S. foreign policy in a long, long time."  Then there were at least 13 "6-month" predictions (6-and-a-half years worth) over the next 2-and-a-half years (until May 11, 2006).  This earned Friedman his "moustache of understanding" sobriquet for being always-wrong-about-everything while insisting that Amerikan Exceptionalism was a legitimate foreign policy organizing principle that would forever play out in the next six months.  But Friedman gave up on this 6-month foreign policy cure and quickly embraced the next Iraq War-4-Israel winning policy - called "The Surge" - in 2007, which he and all of the Yinon Planners in Washington swore, up & down, would work.

Caught In A Trap

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 4/30/2016

Glen Ford is a political commentator who launched the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television back in 1977 with America’s Black ForumABF was entertaining, garnered solid ratings, but Mr. Ford was too 'radical' to survive on the Tee-vee (see: Farrakhan, Louis).  Glen was canned from the show he created, then ABF was watered-down with more mainstream hosts and those early solid ratings disappeared.  But Glen Ford still has a voice and, when it comes to President Barry's mistakes, like moving more troops BACK into Iraq, no one speaks more clearly.
President Obama is caught in a trap of his own making in Syria. Actually, the trap was laid long ago, when the U.S. and Saudi Arabia partnered to create something the world had never seen: an international jihadist network. Now that network is facing defeat at the hands of Russia and the Syrian government, and must be saved by U.S. “boots on the ground.”

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Posted by Wavy McGrady on 4/29/2016

U.S. troops fought the 2nd Iraq War-4-Israel from March 20th, 2003 until December 18, 2011 - that's 8 years, 8 months and 28 days - the 3rd-longest war in U.S. history.  The main reason the war lasted so long was because two months after the initial invasion, the Bush Administration did the dumbest thing imaginable, and exactly what the neocon/Likuds wanted and the Iraq War was designed to do.  Donald Rumsfeld (L'il Bushie "can't remember" if he 'decided' this or not) ordered Paul Bremer to disband the Iraqi Army on May 16, 2003, which put 250,000 young Iraqi men out of a job, out on the streets, angry, and armed, and bent on creating the violent chaos to come.  This was the birth of the "Islamic State", ISIS, ISIL, Khourasan or whatever-the-fuck NY Times focus-groups have decided to call the Ba'athist/Sunni strike force, this month, that has roamed and plundered ever since, balkanizing the Middle East and pitting Arab-against-Arab which was exactly what the Oded Yinon Plan required.  None of this has anything to do with the security and benefit of Americans in the United States.  These are all wars for the expansion of Greater Israel.  American taxpayers spent over a TRILLION dollars training a, mostly Shiite, Iraqi Army to confront ISIS and keep the peace.  It has been a complete and epic failure.  So now what?  More TRAINING.

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